My Project 52 - weeks 3 and 4

Just a reminder to all who may have forgotten...I decided that the popular Project 365 was too much pressure and so I created my own challenge...I call it Project 52. 52 weeks didn't seem as hard as 365 days did. And yes I'm scrapbooking each week when they're done (or a week later). But I'm using the My Memories Suite by Polaroid program I got for Christmas. It's quick and easy and I love that it keeps it in an ongoing album. Then when I'm done with the entire year, I'm going to have it bound into a 12x12 hardbound book...I can't wait. 

Design Note: The darling designs I used on these two layouts were created by The Ettes & Company designers (Faye & Annette). If you are a Photoshop guru then you can pic up their digi stuff there too.


Boy Oh Boy - Cute Decorating Idea

My dear friend Janet is getting ready to welcome a new baby boy into her home soon and she sent me these pictures of the newly finished baby's room. I was so impressed that I couldn't resist sharing. She kept asking me where she could get her vinyl cut, but I never knew she finished. What a darling idea Janet!! 

And for those of you that can't read it, the walls says: A Boy Is...loving, honest, caring, strong, brave and the circles mimic those on the baby bedding. 


Coolest TOOL at CHA!

So I searched high and low for the coolest finds at CHA this year. You know, those things you can't live without!! Well I think I found it, it's the new i-top Brad Maker from Imaginisce. You can make three different sizes of brads (16, 22, 28mm) and you can cover them with paper, fabric or even a photograph. They also have die cute paper pads, punches and templates to make cutting out the covers easier! 

Seriously, this tool made me super happy. Sad though that it doesn't come out until June, but I will live. When I get my hands on one of these I will be back to show you all the fun ideas that are floating around in my head!

The tool retails for $29.99 and brads are $2.99. 

I'll post more product finds when I get my samples so I can better feature them here on my blog. Hoping to have tons of give-aways too...so be sure to check back often!


Cool Beans, getting paid to share!

My friend sent me some information about getting paid to share my excitement about the My Memories Suite software I use all the time on my projects. I was so excited about this, I had to share. If you're interested you could earn a $20 credit for signing up...well why not?

Here's the information she sent me:

The My Memories suite affiliate program is up and running! Just add our banner to your website and you can earn 20% for every box of software sold. To sign up visit:

If you need more information contact me at lori@lilredcottage.com.


Cutest Photo Bag Ever!!

I am SOOO excited to share this find with you...it's my new Sport Tote Bag from Daily Window Bags. I've seen many bags that allow you to drop a layout or photo into them, but this one was perfect for me and I knew it the first time I saw it on a friends blog. Then when I had it delivered to me, and I was in LOVE...it's just my size (big) and it was super easy to change out the card in the front pocket. I couldn't wait to start creating some designs that I could fit inside and show off. (And so far everywhere I've gone, people have stopped to ask me where to buy it.)I designed these two cards with My Memories Suite software using the So Thankful Templates designed by Ettes & Company. I had to resize the layouts from 12x12 to portrait 8 1/2 x 11 and adjust the designs a bit. I then exported them out to a Jpg and printed it to the size that would fit in my pocket. It was super easy and I can't wait to change it out each month.

In fact, come back each month and visit my blog to see what I've done with my bag...look for the blog listing or photo album called
"Me & My Bag".

And I want to share with YOU...I emailed the Daily Window people about how much I loved my new bag... and they sent me this Mini Carry All bag to give away on my blog. (My daughter wanted to keep it to put her art supplies in, my hubby wanted it for his lunches and I wanted to keep it because...well it's RED. But how cute is this and you could win it? )

To win this darling bag, visit either the My Memories Suite Design Shop and tell me which of the new Ettes & Company designs you like best OR visit the Daily Window website and tell me which Daily Window bag you like best. Leave me a comment and I will draw a winner on February 1st!! 

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Simply Joy Digi Collection

Okay, I just can't stop playing since I got the new designer packs for My Memories Suite software. I really need to do some laundry or dishes, but why bother. I'm really trying to scrapbook more then one photo to a layout, but this is a photo I've cherished since I took it of my hubby and daughter and couldn't resist putting it on this layout by itself. Anyway, the designs are new from Ettes & Company and you can download it for your My Memories Suite or from their site for photoshop, etc. You pick...best of both worlds don't you think??


Loveable You Digi Collection

The darling Ettes & Company just released a new collection called Loveable You and it's so yummy I couldn't wait to play with it. The other great news was they're offering their designs as typical digi downloads from their Ettes & Company website AND you can also download it for your My Memories Suite software. So the best of both worlds...I love using the templates in MMS to create fast and easy pages or a book or I can buy the designs from the Ettes site and create my layouts in photoshop (like the one above). 

I absolutely love that I have the option and my sis-in-law can create the same look much faster and easier in MMS. Right now the Ettes have a coupon code for the software too for 30% off the software, just use "ETTES" when you check out.


Craft Chick's iPod Re-Vamped Idea

So I haven't felt very creative this weekend and so I did a little surfing around some of my favorite craft blogs and happened upon this very cute idea on Crafty Chicks blog. She has a link to a place you can download a free template for a 3rd generation iPod Nano so you can create your own personalize look for your iPod. I was excited because we just happen to have the clear case and this version of iPod nano. Cute, cute idea!! 


Mother of the Year I am Not

So I have been very excited that we finished up our 5th Science Fair Project this week here at our home. It's our last year in elementary and hopefully the last year we'll be required to do science fair. And the project won 2nd place which is better then 1st...if you win 1st you just have to do it all over again with more kids from other schools....so it's sort of like winning, right?

But then to top that all off, I know I have to pick up my child early today, especially since she'll have her science fair board and her violin to bring home. No problem huh? Well I FORGOT to go get my child from school...oops!! She waiting 15 minutes and finally went back in to the school to call me. By the time I got there she was the ONLY kid waiting. Yes, it could have been worse, it have been bad weather, they could have locked her out of the school...etc. The point is that two kids into this mother process I shouldn't be forgetting about my kid. Oh well...better luck next year!


Project 365...NOT!

How many of you have seen the big push on many websites for Project 365 where they are challenging you to take one photo a day for the entire year? Then on top of that people are being encourage to scrapbook those photos rather then just keep them in a gallery floating around in cyberspace. 

Love the idea, but the immediate guilt I felt when I first learned about this was TOO MUCH for me to cope with. By the time I read about it I'd miss the first 4 or 5 days in January and my OCD makes it so I will never do this project if 4 days are already missing. But I still really wanted to do something like my friend Jenn posted on her blog

So I came up with my own version of this challenge and I'm calling it "Project 52". I figured I'd make a scrapbook page for each WEEK, then if I missed a day or two I wouldn't quit doing the challenge. Much less guilt associated with a lower number too! And here's a tip, if you didn't take any pictures the first week of January and you're wanting to do this...go find some things on your friends blogs or news websites and post about other people, world events, new year's resolutions or pop culture. 

So join me in doing Project 52...feel free to grab my banner too to promote on your own blog or website. Help spread the word!! 
The beautiful designs on my Project Logo are by The Ettes & Company and created in the My Memories Suite software...along with my weekly scrapbook layouts I'll be posting here too!


My Fascination with Facebook

So some of you may know about Facebook and some of you may not. I have to tell you, it was a mystery to me at first but I'm loving it now. I have met up with friends that I haven't seen in years and loving it. Sometimes it sucks up my life, but I'm trying to cut back. If I can give up Dr. Pepper cold turkey then I think I can cut back on Facebook...we'll see! Anyway, some of my friends and family have asked me to explain the Facebook thing to them and I figured my friends at Common Craft could show you better. This very short video clip will help and it's funny too.  And if you end up on Facebook, take a minute and look me up...I can always use another friend on there!!

If you want to learn about RSS feeds, Wikis, Twitter, etc...the Common Craft website rocks and so do the videos. 

Movie Review by Me

Bride Wars
So when the boys go on Scout campouts once a month my daughter and I try to do something together. She wanted to go see Bride Wars really bad so we checked it out on a matinee this weekend and I'm glad we did. It was a fun and very entertaining movie. The vast majority of the theater was girls and their moms...only a couple of men with their sweethears (ahhh). I just love Kate Hudson in just about anything she does and she did not disappoint. It had a good message about friendship too. I would definitely recommend this movie and it's only PG. As for kid appeal...make sure your kid is at least 5th grade on up for this one...younger kids won't get it.


4x6 Photo Recipe Cards

I thought I'd show off a little "on going" project I have been working on for a while. I thought it would be fun to create recipe cards for my favorite recipes. I had them printed out as 4x6* photographs and bought a small photo album at Walmart to store them in. I'll show the finish project when I design the cover. Thanks to my friends and family for sharing their recipes!
All of these cards were created from designs by Shabby Princess

Here are a couple other ideas that you can print out on 4x6 photographs: 

  • Gift Tags - Design 3-4 personalized tags to fit in a 4x6 space.
  • Address Book - Loved this idea when I saw it, but haven't done it yet. Simply design each 4x6 photo that shows a photo of the person and then their contact information.  


Very Cool Cakes

My darling friend Jenn posted on her new blog the coolest picture (this one). It's a picture of the 600 cakes that she made for her brother's wedding. She's amazing and going to be teaching me and my daughter how to do fondant soon (hint, hint).

Take a minute and check out her post about this darling book "Hello, Cupcake". I own it and it rocks and she's giving away a copy of the book if you leave a comment....I'm assuming she hasn't picked a winner since she hasn't posted one yet.


Random Thoughts about....

Please I plead with bloggers everywhere, stop putting these music players, videos, slideshows with music on your blogs. Yes, I am guilty of a video once, but I took it off. But seriously, just because you like your music doesn't mean I want to hear it e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e I come to your blog! Nothing is more annoying then opening up a blog and having to scroll down and down searching for the music player so you can stop listening to the music. Why can we "blog-stalk" in peace!?? Even worse, it typically happens when I have my iTunes playing something already and they collide with each other. You have to agree that it's a bother to hear the music....or at least someone, please figure out how to stop the players for playing automatically. I wouldn't mind if you wanted to post your favorite songs and I could decide if I wanted to hear them. I just can't stand it any longer!! 


Movie Reviews by ME

Some of my good friends have been asking me what movies I saw over the holidays and rather then email each of them, I figured I'd post them on here. So if you're not a movie lover like me, just stop reading now.

Bedtime Stories: This was my kids  pick and Kirk opted to stay home. It was a cute family show for sure, little ones on up. Typically Adam Sadler is a hit or miss for me. Sometimes I really  like his movies and other times I think his movies are a bit naughty (like Click). This one was very clean...probably because it was a Disney movie. But it was fun for all and worth the price of the ticket. 

Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Warning it's a very long show...almost 3 hours and you feel it. I enjoyed it, but my friend didn't really...however we did go see it at the late show and getting out at 1:00 am would make it hard to love anything much. You leave with a weird feeling about the show...you don't hate it that much, but you don't love it either. Then someone mentioned that it was produced or written by the same person who did Forrest Gump...and that was it!! I did enjoy seeing Brad Pitt without his shirt though..the middle-aged version of hi
m at least. 

Seven Pounds: This movie was a risk for me, but my boss 
recommended it and so I thought I'd give it a try. I say it was a risk because I knew NOTHING about it and  it was produced by the same people that did Pursuit of Happyness...which I didn't care much for (liked the ending). But I have to say this TOPS all the movies I saw over the holidays. It was a great story, really made you think and of course it was a good cry too. It totally left me THINKING a ton afterwards. I can't say any more then that or it will give it away and ruin it for you when you see it. NOT a kid show though. 

Marley & Me: This movies is one I snuck away to see with my daughter and I was a little bummed afterwards that we didn't pick a movie with a "happily-ever-after" ending. I'm sure the book was much better. However, my daughter did point out that any move that is made about a DOG generally means I'll end up crying...my mom always referred to them as D#$@ Lassie Movies. And you will cry...a LOT. The previews make it look like it's going to be 90 minutes of funny stuff, but that's not true. The funny parts were there for sure, but it left me very sad. Didn't help that my mom's dog of 14 years had to be put to sleep last week! I really liked the parts of the movie were it reflected the main characters (Owen Wilson) thoughts about his view of the world. 

That's it people...go see a movie!! 

Death of A Christmas Tree

I just realized I haven't posted a darn thing on here since just before Christmas. I think I tapped out all my creativity during the holidays that I just didn't know what to post. And NO, I haven't put away my decorations either. I did however, tear apart our fake Christmas tree and start shoving the branches into a garbage sack...but what really caught my families attention is when I pulled out my utilities scissors and started cutting all the lights apart so I could just throw them away too. You ask yourself, "why throw away my tree?" Well, I bought it one year after Christmas on clearance at KMart of all places and it's probably over 10 years old....but an old tree is not "why" I threw it out...I threw it out because my husband (love him) didn't want to bother helping tear it down and put it away last year, so he wrapped the entire tree with plastic wrap (the kind you use when shipping pallets). Then he proceeded to "shove" it down in my basement...scratched up the walls too. Forgot all about that this year...that was until we pulled it out this year, unwrapped it and learned that shoving a tree down the stairs does not make for a "whole" tree when you get it out. All sorts of branches were broken and I had to twist and tie them together to get the tree to look remotely healthy...at least as healthy as a fake tree can be. I probably should have ran out an bought one of those cool 3-piece trees with built in lighting after Christmas, but ran out of money. Maybe next year we'll buy a LIVE tree...my kids don't know what those are!!

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