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My Christmas Wish List

So I thought I posted this a couple of weeks ago...but then a friend asked me where was "my list"...been joking for a while I was going to do this. I think I should start by explaining "why" I did this. I have a 14 year old and a 12 year old...both of whom created power point presentations of what they wanted for Christmas this year. My daughters even had very cool effects. If I could figure out how, I would post them here for all to see. But that made me think, why can't I make a list and post it somewhere for my family to see. But it wasn't until this evening when my hubby asked if he could call a friend or two of mine to get some ideas that I realized I never posted this. So here it is...just in case he needs some ideas from one of you out there!! Thanks for helping (me) him out!!
Brighton Earrings - Anything from Brighton would work...I love silver, I love their designs, I love Brighton. I just found out I could have created a "wish list" for m…

Christmas Gift Ideas

I haven't been so good at keeping my blog updated these days, but I have a good reason. I've been busy creating projects for Imaginisce's blog with their Polar Expressions Collection the past couple of weeks. Not that those projects have been posted I thought I'd put them up here to share with those of you who didn't see them. If you're interested in "how to" create these ideas, click on the project title and it will take you to the original posts on Imaginisce's blog.
Candy Cone Ornament/Favors
Vintage Candy Jar

Hot Cocoa Mug Gift Set

Christmas Fudge

New Moon Gift

One of the cute mom's that came with us to see the premier of New Moon loved my treat bags so much that she brought this over to me a few days later as a THANK YOU!! It's it the cutest?? I've been hounding her for pictures of our experience but this was so much better...had to share!