Favorite Finds for Week 4 of 2010

Twig & Thistle: Free Printables
Love this site and blog...Twig & Thistle (besides a super cute name) always have such great ideas and how to wrap up those ideas on their sites. Be sure to bookmark them. But they have this fun download and you can easily print off these darling treat bags at home.

The HARF...when hat meets scarf!
I saw this shown on Studio 5 and it actually made me want to learn to knit...and I have never felt the urge to knit (wink). But what a cleaver idea and I think they're super cute. Check out the gals Etsy Shop here if you want to see more. She's a local craft from Utah too!

I saw this photo taken at the recent CHA trade show and thought how beautiful a scrapbook embellishment could make a bag or a hoodie, or anything...cute huh? Prima also created the fun canvas messenger bag.

Enamel Accents by Ranger
Now I don't typically show off "product"...especially something so specific, but these made me excited. They're "white" and "black" enamel glaze...like diamond glaze or dimensional glaze...but it's black and white. Those of you who have used the clear stuff....will totally know what this is for!!Great Designer: Jana Eubank
I always appreciate great scrapbooking style and somehow ended up on Jana Eubank's blog this week and loved her projects!! She's got great style and typically I measure that based on "copy" worthy...can't wait to use her designs for inspirations on my own projects. Go check out her other projects she's posted on her blog!!


Paper Flowers....yummmmmmm!

I love paper flowers...I don't know what it is...but then again I love flowers made from fabric too!! I guess I'm amazed at how beautiful they turn out and I "get" how much work and time goes into making some of these creations!! Below are some amazing pictures of 3-D flower arrangements from CHA trade show from a variety of vendors...sorry I have no idea who on some of them!
Please someone that went to the show tell me what booth this amazing coat was in and WHO created it. I'm assuming the whole thing is made from papers...right?? So awesome!! (Update: A friend told me this coat made from paper was at Tim Holtz booth at CHA.)

Teresa Collin's booth...love her style!

Teresa Collin's product...love it!

The Girls' Paperie by Margie

I believe this was a donation to raise money at the World's Largest Crop held prior to CHA. But WOW...I would frame that for sure and hang it in my house!

Photo Credits: I believe all of these below were taken by Shopping Diva, to click to see more of her Flickr gallery from CHA (warning: there's more then 1600 photos to go through).


Temple Picture Workshop

You might have seen these beautiful antiqued poster sized prints of Temples at Deseret Book or Seagull Book and they were WAY out of your price range?? Join me for this workshop and you can make one of these for only $50.00 total...includes frame too!! More details below and pictures of the Temples pictures available. Email me if you are interested and I'll reserve your spot.

DETAILS: It is a fun 2 - 2 1/2 hour class that even those with little or no craft experience can complete. The picture is 26" x 32", (POSTER SIZE), and the cost is $47 + tax ($50.00). You may bring any family or friends to also do a picture. There is no limit to how many you may do, but if more than 2, you might want to bring someone to help you paint or you won’t finish on time.

***DATE: Saturday, March 27, 2010

***All orders and payment are due by March 6, 2010

The company provides a teacher who brings all of the supplies needed to make the picture. They will arrive 15-20 minutes before the class starts. Please make sure that you are there from start (on time) to finish in order to complete the picture - this is not something that can be done at home. Here is a general overview of the process:

The class takes 2 - 2 1/2 hours to complete.

1. Paint the pieces of the frame black or cream. Both colors provided by the teacher. (Participants are welcome to bring another color if they choose to.)

2. Glue the print to a wood board.

3. Apply a gallery style, glassless finish to the print.

4. Construct the frame and attach it to the print.


Your choice of the prints shown above are included in the price of the class. Alterate temples & prints are available directly through the photographer for an additional cost by going here. (Order additional print through Keli Blain and bring it with you to our class.)


Favorite Finds for Week 3 of 2010

I loved this photo when I saw it in Liz Kartchner's blog and saved it...figured I should share.

I tend to save photos and forget where I found them, but I'm pretty sure that the very talented, Margorie Romney-Aslett posted it to her blog or twittered about it...not sure, but I'm giving her the credit.

What a fun idea and one I'm for sure going to recreate. Found this idea on the Silhouette's blog and was created by Kerri...love it!! Check out their blog for close-ups.

Loved these darling "Petal Pushers"...just want to know who to make them now...it's an obsession of mine!!

Loved this cute tutorial on how to make this darling snowman...my daughter and I whipped up a few of these this weekend. We adjusted the artwork size to make a mom, dad and baby snowman...so fun. For instructions, click here...


Favorite Finds for Week 2 of 2010

I've had a few friends tell me that they love to read my blog, especially when I post links to other great blogs and crafty creations. So I thought I would be fun to feature my "Favorite Finds" I happen upon throughout the week. So here are my finds for this week...gotta love em!!

Old Book Wreath by Kristine McKay
Watched Kristine on Studio 5 this week...I'm a big fan of dictionary flowers and loved that she was tearing apart old books to make such cute ideas. Check out her
site to see more cute projects made from old books!

The Idea Room's Felt Heart Wreath
Seems like a lot of work, but soooo cute. She even created cute balls with this technique...I'm thinking red and green balls for my Christmas tree next year...yes?

Door Magnet Board from my neighbor Cassandra (Cassandra Designs)
Isn't she the coolest neighbor ever...I so wish she'd come help decorate my house!

Crayon Booklet on Etsy
I thought this would be a cute gift for my nieces and nephews...but I'm thinking I would make one (ha, ha).
Did you know that Mod Podge has a blog (click on image) !! And yes, I thinkg Mod Podge ROCKS!!

It's funny that I'd have three wreath examples on this blog post...I'm not a big wreath sort of gal. I have on my front door, one hanging on a hook above the piano, one in the half bath, one on my pantry door, three small ones in my family room and another one on the wall by my front door...oops, I guess I do have a lot of wreaths after all!!

Door Frame from The Pleated Poppy
Yes another great idea for an old door...I should really find me a "door" source...but wouldn't this be a cute headboard on a bed too!! Love the photos of course!

Tattertots & Jello: Sweatshirt Re-Fashion
Yes, I love alter shirts...or at least collecting the ideas. I think this is one I can work on for a gift for my daughter.
House of Faith Tower by Jennifer Gallacher
Go look at the close-up pictures of this projects (now)!! Years ago I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer and always loved her style, but boy I love her style even more these days...you have to admire this darling tower of LOVE!! I might actually copy this one for sure!!
Thanks for reading...I sure do love all these projects and what a great excuse to blog!!

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