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Own a Cricut? Wish you did? JOIN ME at the first SWARM Event!!

Do you own a Cricut? Maybe you don't own one yet, but it's on your Christmas wish list. Everyone who owns, or wants to own one, should attend this event. First, because what you'll gain from the education is worth so much (including seeing me). And second, an insider source tells me the GOODIE BAGS alone will include product valued over $300...because it includes a GYPSY(my most favorite tool ever!) and so much more!!
It will be WORTH the price of your ticket to attend and you get TWO free meals!! 
Come join me as we learn about all the great Cricut products AND learn about other "hot tools" in the industry. Yes, I'll be demonstrating the i-top and i-rock tools from Imaginisce. I also hear other great manufacturer's and their tools will be there to share as well.  Date  October 9, 2010Time  9am to 9pm...12 hours of cropping goodness!! Location The Grand Hall at the Gateway (open air shopping mall...yummy location), 29 South Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City…

My First Scrapfest...

Some of you have asked me what the heck "Scrapfest" was and why I was at Mall of America for three days....obviously these are my non-scrapper friends. Scrapfest is a three day event hosted by Archivers and held in the huge Mall of America in Minnesota. We don't actually "sell" product to the 10,000 attendees, but we do hold daily demos (also known as Make & Takes) and teach classes. Let me tell you, I explained how the i-top tool works so many times that I even dreamt about the tool!!  It all started with a quick kids meal at Arby's once we hit the enormous mall...but my most favorite part of Scrapfest are the people, my friends from the industry and fans I've chatted with online but met for the first time!!

We were lucky enough to score the Archiver's classroom which made it much easier to get personal and really work one-on-one with all of our amazing ladies. Thanks for reminding me why I love teaching so much!!
Sometimes you have to get a litt…

Taking the Holiday Card Challenge!!

A couple of months ago I challenge my readers to start thinking about their Holiday cards...start early to elevate the stress of doing them late (like I do most times). Then again, earlier this month my cute friend Heather Carpenter posted over on the Imaginisce blog about taking the "Holiday Card Challenge."
So I wanted to show that I started working on some ideas for Christmas cards this year. I haven't settled on one yet, but here's the first a a few design.
The cute title for this card was created using my Cricut Expresison. The "Merry" is from the Christmas Cheer cartridge and the "Christmas" is from the Simply Sweet cartridge. After cutting those from the backside of one of the Cottage Christmas papers from Imaginisce I coated the paper lightly with glossy accents from Ranger.
I have seen this cute "banner" technique in a few popular magazines and have wanted to try it for a while. They're just circles folded in half over a string…

On Location: Playing at Oh My Crafts

I've decided I'm a lazy photographer when it comes to documenting my adventures. What I mean by that is, I tell my friend Amy to take the pictures with her twin camera she has...seriously why would "both" of us need to take pictures when we can just email them back and forth. However, she gets busy and I start feeling like I'm nagging her for the pictures. So until she has time to download me the pictures from Scrapfest, I thought I'd post pictures from one of our adventures earlier in the month.

We were invited by Oh My Crafts to come check out their gorgeous new warehouse and classroom space in Orem, Utah. Our team was there to teach a preview class for their upcoming Discovering Possibilities event too!

But I had more fun drooling all over their Copic Marker display...seriously a girl can dream right?? 
Then the very cute Amy Cottle (family owns OMC) shared with me one of their products when she saw us playing with our Gypsy's. Notice the little stylus …

Using my i-top to make a Button Bracelet

I should be going to bed after packing to go to Archiver's Scrapfest at Mall of America in Minnesota tomorrow morning!! But instead I am up playing with my i-top tool and making a charm bracelet. The black & white and hot pink felt pieces are i-top Button Daddies I covered in fabric. I then added them to a charm bracelet using jump rings. My cute friend gave me the other charms to add to the bracelet. It's not quite finished...I want more fabric covered buttons.  Did you notice I added some clear rhinestone bling with my i-rock tool to the felt button?? So fun and I loved how it turned out!

Playing with the new "snap daddies" that allow you to create a topper with a snap on the back. It snaps into a ring or hair bobbie. I want to try this with some photos or pattern paper, but until then I'll just use some fabric I have! Sorry the photo is blurry!
If you don't know what the i-top Tool from Imaginisce...check out this youTube video.  One of the best investmen…

Stress = Cankers

"Some physicians feel that people with a high degree ofstressmay be more prone to canker sores. Like acnebreakouts that appear withstress, canker sores may also becausedby periods of intensestress."

So let's talk about how stress can take a physical tole on a body and I know from personal experience. Ever since about high school my mouth would break out in cankers...inside my lips, all over my tongue and down my throat. At times it had gotten so bad that I couldn't eat (not always a bad thing), talk (always a bad thing) or swallow very easily. However, as I've gotten older I realize when I'm hitting my max point for stress and start over medicating with Vitamin B and L-Lysine. Also I bump up my workouts to give me some sort of outlet. 

I do remember though my senior year it got so bad that my mom was taking me to oral surgeons and all sorts of specialists. One doctor had me breaking open tetracycline capsules into luke warm water and doing sort of a mouth wash …

Back to School 2010-2011 Year!!

A couple of my friends don't have Facebook so they told me that I needed to remember them and post pictures on my blog sorry if these are repeats. And of course my kids will not be happy with me, but oh well...isn't it a mom's responsibility to embarrass her kids?? 
Well here's my handsome son on his first day of 9th grade. He is slightly thrilled about the new year, but who didn't love their 9th grade year?  He's taking Spanish again this year and drawing, which he loves. 

Now this is the girl that is going to be ticked when she sees I posted these cute pictures. But how could I not share how gorgeous she is. My cute daughter started 8th grade this year and is very excited to have more time with her friends. 
She's taking her first year of Spanish and is very excited to be in Mrs. Heath's class (she's a hoot). She's also a Peer Tutor this year and very excited for this opportunity.

Okay kids...the embarrassment is over (for today).

Swiss Days Craft Fair Review & Favorite Finds

Every Labor Day weekend begins one of my favorite events, Swiss Days. This is held every year in Midway, Utah. The festival offers lots of fun entertainment, parade and local events...but it's the craft fair that everyone flocks to Midway to enjoy! But you have to get there early, I've seen many booths sell out of hot items before 10/11:00am the first day. In fact, one booth mentioned that women were there waiting to buy from her booth as early as 6:45am...not me, we arrive around 9:00ish every year and are done by lunch.

I had hoped to make a few purchases when I go home by visiting vendor websites, but crafty people are spending more time making their products then focusing on how to sell them to the masses. So many of my favorite finds do not offer online purchasing options (so sad) you'll have to join me next year if one catches your eye!! Enjoy....

Heather Castillow Jewelry Designs I've seen the number of jewelry booths increase over the years at Swiss Days and…

Customer service seems to be lacking these days...

Now I'm not typically a complainer, but I feel very strongly that if I use my blog to recommend places to shop, do, eat at or things to purchase that on occasion I should also use my blog to share some of my less then good purchases and/or services. But I typically don't jump to this at first. I always try to reach the company that I have issues with in hopes to make them aware of their problems and hopefully end with a good customer service experience. However the following two landed no where near "good customer" service for me and I felt the need to vent and/or warn you all about them.

My recent Best Buy experiences have led me to believe that although the store is called "Best Buy" that does not translate to "best" service, "best" selection, "best" website or "best" employees. Last weekend I was on the hunt for my new Bamboo touch tablet and it seemed with my travels taking me to Utah County that I would have plent…

Favorite Finds: Photo Ideas, Home Decor & Flower Cupcakes

I always love being able to share my finds with all of you...thanks for stopping by!! I'm going to Swiss Days this weekend, I'll try to post pictures of my favorite finds afterwards! If you're local join me at Swiss won't regret it!!
Bubble Chalkboards This idea has to be one of my all time favorites and I can't wait to create some of these for fun! This was posted over at one of my favorite creative sites,  Make & Takes. And they show you how to create your the way it's made form foam easy is that?? I give this a huge thumbs up for such an original idea. 

Check Your Pockets Laundry Room Sign Loved this idea I saw over on Love Stitched blog. She created this to put in her laundry room so her family members could empty their pockets out before their clothes were washed  (and shows you how to make it) . Definitely a problem at my house....almost washed an iPod or two!! 

The Twinery Baker's Twine
Who doesn't love pretty, color…