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Introducing HurCraft Craft Tables

Made in Utah! These quality craft tables by Hurcraft are manufactured by a family owned company called Hurco Manufacturing & Design . The company owner's WIFE (in photo) wanted this professional cabinet maker to create her perfect craft table at an affordable price for her friends and family members. You're among the first to read about this great table! 
Similar in style to other high quality craft tables you've seen around the furnishing market, this table is less then half the price of those tables and the quality is exceptional.
There are couple things I love about the hurCraft quality craft tables are the following...

#1 Removable accessories - you can remove these, place similar brackets on a wall and interchange the accessories around as needed based on which project you're working on. You can have endless configurations of accessories and add as many as you want to your table too. There are tool boxes, shelves, paper towel racks, ribbon racks and my favori…

Need a Time Out? Join Me at Time Out for Women

February 4 and 5, 2011 - I will be up at Weber State absorbing all the positive energy I can from Time Out for Women. You may have heard of it, sponsored by Deseret Book and touring around the country. I've talked to several of my friends that have attended and they have nothing but great things to say about their experience.

I was so thrilled to find out from many of my friend that they like to get a group of 4 together to get the group rate and then they RUN away from home...did I mention run. Nice thing is the event is close enough to home, but not nearly as much fun as spending the night in a hotel room with three of my most fun and crazy friends!!

The event is affliated or sponsored by the LDS Church, although many of the speakers are members. Some are not. The focus of the conference is to help WOMEN (that's me) recharge and focus on strengthening my spirit and energy so I can continue to be the best mom, wife and friend I can. So much of my time is spent doing things fo…

Thanksgiving Kid Favor Ideas and Rolo Turtle Treats

I certainly cannot take credit for these CUTE creations, but I did want to share them with you. These were created for me by my friend Brett Lund. He created these for a fun tv segment on Studio 5 a week or so ago. And although the Thanksgiving holiday is past, hwy not keep these fun Thanksgiving Kid Favor Ideas in your idea file for next year!! I've added Brett's TV segment below too if you'd like to see him put them together. 

As for me, this is the only treat I actually made for Thanksgiving. They're "rolo turtle treats"...and super easy to make. I didn't think to take a picture of them wrapped up in a cello bag I stamped with Stazon and tied closed with brown and orange tulle (trust me it was cute)!  I know you're wondering how to make these yummy snacks. Super easy...spread your pretzels out on a cookie sheet, place an unwrapped rolo on top of the pretzel and place in 350 degree oven for 3-5 minutes. Pull out and immediately place an M&M (or fo…

Stop Thumb Sucking Solution & Oral B Winner

Remember my earlier post about my visit to Pobanz Orthodontics. Well he talked about something that  few of my friends might be interested in. He presented a new method to help kids stop sucking their thumb.  He explained that thumb sucking can cause mouth and teeth deformation.  Dr. Pobanz has a very positive approach to helping kids.  

Stop Thumb Sucking
If you have a child above age 6 or 7 who still sucks their thumb or fingers, we learned something from Dr. John that will probably help. Thumb sucking can do a lot of damage to teeth and mess up the structure of your mouth. Some people still use what’s called an arch that makes it painful for a child to suck their thumb. It uses negative reinforcement. Dr. John believes in positive reinforcement and making the experience fun (he has prizes, contests and fun events for his patients). The inventor of another solution discovered it while working with race horses. To help calm a horse before a race, trainers put 2 beads on the bit in their …

My New Tool: Martha Stewart Scoreboard

I've wanted one of these Martha Stewart Scoreboards for a while now, but it was a blog post for a mini fold book by Lisa Johnson that totally had me hooked. When I find a tool I know I must own it sort of nags at me until I finally buy it...which I did. And I took it with me to a weekend crop to give it a try.   Here's what I created with my new Martha Steward Scoreboard. I saw this fun Shutter Card on the Scor-Pal website and thought I'd give it a try. After a couple of attempts and adjustments to size, I finally found my groove (ha, ha) and created this beautiful card with Teresa Collins Giving Thanks Collection

Then I created this Candy Bar Card from another pattern I found on the Scor-Pal website. It's super easy to make once you figure out the directions.
And if you have ever tired making these pin wheel flowers without a scoring board then you know how hard it is to get it to turn out right.  It fits those oversized Hershey or Symphony Bars...cute huh?? I created t…

Bloggers Network at Pobanz Orthodontics (and giveaway)

A little over a week ago I attended a local bloggers network event at Pobanz Orthodontics. Being a blogger and having started braces on my son almost a year ago and looking at starting my daughter on braces the first of next year, I thought I could definitely benefit from attending this event. Besides the face that Elisa from Mormon Mommy Blogs and one of the coordinators for the Casual Bloggers Conference I attended in the spring helped put this together and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to learn from her! 
Be sure to read to the end of the post to find out how you could WIN! 

Let me tell you a little bit about the bloggers networking event. About a dozen local bloggers joined me in learning more about the services of Dr. John Pobanz. Dr. John is Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics and is a a Diplomate. Only 20% of orthodontists get this designation (something I learned that day). 

I instantly made new friends, networked and learned that Amber (see photo below) and V…

Crafty Trisha & Her Crafty Owl Costume

I haven't had a lot of time lately to create, but I sure appreciate it when I see people that do. In fact, my darling sis-in-law Trisha crafted this darling Owl Costume for Halloween. Since we were hangin' with her and her cute family in Seattle this past Halloween I got to see this cute creation in person.
As you can see Trish loves owls!! But what I love about this girl is that she create this whole costume and her son Russell's penguin costume from SCRATCH!! To be honest, I didn't know she even sewed that much, but what a crafty, talented girl she is (and we love and miss her tons...I say this because I know she's reading this).
For the life of me I cannot remember what Vincent was for Halloween, because many two year olds won't keep those darn costumes ON!! Love you Trish and love your crafty Owl Costume!

Teaching and Creating at CK Scrap & Play (...a late recap)

Since I haven't posted anything crafty in a while I thought I'd start of talking about my great experience at CK Scrap & Playin Provo this past October This was a darling class they offered called Time of My Life, sponsored by Teresa Collins. But of course I had to change it up from it's original version, but loved using this darling Maya Road album and all the fun TC papers. I added the new Roly Rosies from Imaginisce to the cover and I cut the title and tab labels with my Cricut using black vinyl. 
These Roly Rosies are simple die cut spiral flowers that you simply twist into a rose. You can ink the edges, sand them, add glitter or whatever you'd like. Imaginisce currently offers 3 skus of these but I know from an "inside" source that they're releasing more (wink). And don't miss out on how cute the i-rock rhinestones look on the album cover...and yes, they melt to the plastic surface with ea
If you'd like to see how easy these flowers are to …

Guest Blogger over on Roberts Blog

Hi, I am so excited to join you today here on Roberts Craft blog. My name is Lori Allred and I am the person behind the Imaginisce blog and Imaginisce Facebook! I also love to blog and craft on my own blog too! 
Today I'm excited to talk about Imaginisce's Cottage Christmas Collection and our very popular i-rock Tool Collection! Both of these items are available at your local Roberts stores. 
The i-rock tool is a battery operated heat set tool and allows you to heat set gems and studs on any of your paper crafting or fabric projects. I think it's the perfect addition to any project and makes the average project look exceptional. We have some great videos and information about the i-rock tool collection over on our blog.  Check out how fun these layouts are with that little extra bling added to them. The first layout I created using our Swirl Stencil set to create the stunning flourishes. 
This darling layout was created by Jana Eubank and I loved how she used the Metallic Pear…