Time Out for Women (TOFW) - Ogden, Utah 2011

This past weekend I had the privilege of being part of the volunteer staff for a great event put on by Deseret Book in Ogden, Utah called Time Out for Women. I wasn't sure what to expect, but was very pleased it it when it was all over....in fact, I would highly recommend it to anyone considering attending.

For those of you that want to know more of what Time Out for Women is about, I pulled the following from the TOFW website from Sheri Dew,

"If you’re like I am, on those days you might have wished you could just call “Time Out” long enough to regroup, and catch your physical and spiritual breath. As a result, Time Out for Women: Celebrating Life, Love and Learning was born. In September 2002, we held our first-ever Time Out for Women in Phoenix, Arizona. The women who attended were fabulous and their response to the authors and music artists who presented that day was overwhelming. Since then we’ve been inundated with requests to bring Time Out to other cities. It is our hope that during this day filled with messages of inspiration from respected authors and music artists, you will learn, you will laugh, and your spirits and sights will be lifted. It is Deseret Book’s great pleasure to invite you to catch your breath, take a break from daily pressures, “huddle” with your sisters and friends, and feel rejuvenated for the days ahead."

I really like the theme they've selected this year, "Choose to Become." The scripture reference Mark 9:23 is such a beautiful reminder that you can become what you want through your faith in God. We were challenged to find one thing we wanted to become, no matter how large or small...but I'm still thinking about mine. There are so many things I'd like to "become"...I'd like to become more patient, I'd like to become more forgiving, I'd like to become a better cook....the list goes on and on. What do you want to "become"?

And I loved everything about my first Time Out for Women (TOFW) event, but my two most favorite speakers were Deanne Flynn and Kris Belcher. So I want to share a little more about these two with you.

Deanne Flynn was so darling. I loved her stories about her seven kids and her positive attitude. She had me laughing a ton and inspired as well. She talked a lot about "Mother's Mite" based on the Widow's Mite from the scriptures and how we as mothers give all that we have for our families and although our offerings might be small in appearance, they are huge in value and meaning to our families. Here's what she writes about the initiative on her Mother's Mite site, "If you’re like most women, your bucket can get pretty empty at times. And all you really need to fill it back up is a little encouragement. Well, I believe this community of women can be that shot-in-the-arm we each need now and then. Because “sharing” and “receiving” are both invigorating and inspiring!"

When Deanne finished her presentation I was so happy, so inspired and my soul felt so full! I would love to hear her present again! But for now I'll have to stalk her website , read her new Mother's Mite book and watch for new blog posts on the TOFW blog.

TOFW Blog Posts by Deanne

My next most favorite speaker at the TOFW event was Kris Belcher.
I have never heard someone speak before that would have me laughing so hard I was crying and then the next minute was so poinant with her testimony of Christ that I cried with her. She was so fun and so amazing and if ever have a chance to hear her speak, buy her talk on CD or read her book or even her blog, Hard Times & Holy Places ... I would recommend it!

TOFW Blog Posts by Kris

All in all, I cannot wait to attend the next TOFW in Salt Lake this next November. They're even hosting a Time Out for Teens the same time and hope to take my daughter with me too.


Sophia said...

This sounds like it was awesome...

JennyKozar said...

Sounds fantastic - it is so important to walk with other women who share you faith in God. It lifts you up and reminds you that you are not alone.

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