Favorite Finds: Pinwheels, Bookmarks and Marie Claire Idees Magazine

Pinwheel Card by Laura Pryor

Not only did the colors of Laura's card catch my eye, but the fun pinwheel for sure drew me into finding how I could create them for myself. Not only did I find out, but how fun, there is a simple little die that you can purchase online and create as many fun pinwheel cards as you'd like. Or if you don't mind hand cutting out your own pinwheels, then here's another tutorial that you can print a template.

Page Corner Bookmarks

Love this cute little paper crafting idea and when you see the tutorial on how they were made you'll love them even more. I think I'll make some of these with my daughter, she'd get a kick out of these.

Marie Claire Idees Magazine
My cute friend Jana Eubank showed me these yummy over-sized Marie Claire Idees magazines last time we got together to scrapbook. Although I cannot read most of these french magazines, the beautiful ideas and eye candy throughout these issues made up for that. I'm told you can purchase these at most Barnes & Noble stores in the magazine section. I'm for sure picking me up some soon! Or you can subscribe online and look at back issues I'm told...haven't done that yet...better give it a try now!

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Easter Gum, HoHos and a Beautiful Easter Message

I have to admit that my heart hasn't really been in the commercial side of Easter this year. And not intentionally or for any moral purpose, I just haven't cared to worry about it actually. My kids are 14 and 15 years old and so there's no need to continue the illusion that the Easter bunny will visit our home and leave them oodles and oodles of fattening candy. 
In fact, when I pointed out to my daughter that I hadn't thought much about a gift/treat for her and her brother, her response was, "Oh I didn't think we did that any more." Cool for me. However, as the date approached I did have two small requests for "this" Easter bunny from my two kids. My son asked for HoHos and my daughter said, "please no candy, but lots of gum is okay." So that's what my kids got for Easter....

But today my thoughts are more of my Savior and his gift to ME. I borrow these words from another today, but they reflect my same feelings so perfectly I could not have said it better. 

"The tomb is empty and thus my life is full. How I love Him ! And revere Him. I strive to do His will and fail all too often. But He picks me up, dusts me off, and helps me try again. Surely He is the God of Love. For He has borne my sorrows, my sins, and my grief." 

Happy Easter

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Basement Remodel - A Teenage Boy Room

I am sure I'm driving most of my good friends crazy talking about me finishing my unfinished basement. 

The ultimate goal is to get my SON moved down to the room we've been promising him for the past five years so I can finally get my office (aka craft room) finished.  Like many of you, my sweet husband assured me five years go when we bought the house that we would finish the basement quickly and I'd have my own space. However, we're busy people and most of the time we're too broke to finish small projects, let alone afford to finish a basement. He was able to frame in the rooms, wire it with the help of his electrician father and put insulation in one of the rooms. But finally I had to fire him and hire someone that does this all the time...if you need a referral, let me know...Chuck did a great job!! 

Finishing a Teenage Boy's Room

So I forgot to take a photo of my son's room right before we started painting, so this is the soon to be "Media/Game Room." (you get the idea)

Can you believe that my almost 16 year old son (who rocks by the way) picked this YUMMY green color (do not tell him I said that) and beautiful light grey colors for his room.
He even asked for the closet to be white and all the trims to be white. He has a great sense of design and color (but then again, he is super artistic).

Painting Cement

The floor was by far the most challenging for me. We eventually hope to carpet, but I ran out of money and he's a teenage boy. So I decided I'd just paint the cement and hope that it would work temporarily. Aside from the enormous amount of work I put my old body through prepping it for paint, I am very happy with the end result. But let me tell you a little more about the prep....just imagine me on my hands and knees scrubbing cement with rags and a spackle knife to scrap off putty and paint and make it smooth. I was sore for days! I then had to scoot around the trim of the room cutting the paint color (tan) out away from the wall so I could use my roller to finish the job. The paint rolls on like butter. I would recommend two coats, but I only did one to save time. The experts might advise you to purchase epoxy paint or paint made specifically for cement, but if you're not wanting this to last too long then don't bother and just paint. Now scroll down to see how AWESOME it turned out.

The Finished Teenage Boy Room

After a week of working my body muscles beyond what they were use to (and then some) and enjoying the help of friends and family...the room was completed in time to surprise my son. Thanks to my sis and brother in law, who kept my son for the weekend I think we pulled off the surprise!! 
Check out that yummy tan "painted cement" floor!
I like that my son picked his colors...however, to be completely honest, I added in the black. I don't think he likes it much, but was willing to cope to make his mom happy.
Okay, so the closet isn't done and we're still debating on close doors. My son originally asked for a door that rolls up like a garage...just not sure that's going to happen. I'm thinking more along the lines of a curtain rod and curtains to cover the space...but that's my "out of money" side talking.
Okay one of the best additions to the room is this large 4-drawer file cabinet. I have had it in my garage for a few years (or more) and it's part of a desk system I bought when my brother's offices moved and they let the employees buy the furniture. Although it took three of us to get it into the basement (had to weigh 300 pounds and super awkward), I'm so excited for this. The drawers are huge and my son's clothes only take up the two center drawers. He has plenty of room in the top and bottom drawers for all things BOY...his comic books, art books, manga books, air soft guns, ammo, electronics, things I'm not sure why we're saving and more! And you can only open one drawer at a time and it's magnetic...well magnets stick to it. It's a funky greyish-green color and matched perfectly.

So here's a photo of my son going to see the room for the first time. He would NOT let me take pictures after this, but he was somewhat surprised. First thing he pointed out was the nightstand that use to be his sisters and how he "didn't want it". Oh well...wasn't the "extreme home makeover" reaction I had been hoping for, but he did seem happy!

So you know what this means?? Now I get to work on my OFFICE...wahooo!!!!!

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When in doubt...take your kids cough syrup!?

I posted recently about a children's cough syrup called Zarbees. The company sent me home with samples after teaching me about the reasons their product is perfect for children 12 mos+. But of course since my children are teenagers I figured we wouldn't be using the medicine at our house. Well I was WRONG....

In a moment of complete desperation as I started to get sick a couple weeks ago I remember waking up in the middle of the night with a killer sour throat and having a hard time swallowing. It was unbearable and after searching through my medicine cupboards I came up with NOTHING. Short of heating up a cup of honey and lemon myself, I decided to go find my bag of samples from Zarbee's and give this Children's cough medicine a try...since it did claim to soothe sore throats. And yes, it worked for me...even though I am not among the recommended age for the product!
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Yummy Idea - Ribbon Cupcake Shirts for Little Girls

I was doing cleaning out of files and came across a group of photos I collected a while back. Regretfully it was before I found Pinterest and so I have no idea where I found them, so I cannot link back and give credit to the creators (which I hate)...but I so wanted to share. So I hope the blogging world will forgive me for not linking back. I did find a couple that I've feature here doing a google search, so I'll for sure show you those links below their photo. 

Anyway, who doesn't love a cute cupcake? Even the type you cannot eat.  I must have thought these Ribbon Cupcake Shirts for Little Girls were cute when I saved all the images, but what I'm wondering is, can someone my age could get away with it??

PettiSkirt Style Website

Fancy Schmancy Girly Boutique

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My To Do List....Blog Today

I kept wondering why people were still commenting on me being sick and then I realized I haven't posted anything on my blog for a while. My apologies....I still have a lovely cough that I'm sure will continue until Summer and with my whole family having gotten it, we should like a chorus of coughing all the time!

But after recovering I've spent a lot of time working on things like these...

Yes, we are finally getting the basement finished and now worries, these are NOT the colors of the basement. But boy it seems to take up a lot of my time, energy and definitely MONEY!! But the closer I get to moving my son downstairs the closer I'll get to finishing my office/craft room.

I feel bad though, my husband keeps telling everyone he got "fired".

And he sort of did....we moved into this house almost 5 years ago. My husband assured me that he would quickly finish the basement so I could have a craft space. However, it's been a long process and still it wasn't getting done. It's not all his fault...in fact, I blame money, or the lack there of. But still, I did have to tell the sheetrockers that he has "no say" and to check with me before doing anything he told them. So yes, he did sort of get fired. But don't worry....I've hired him back for some smaller jobs and I think it will all work out!!

I will start sharing pictures of all the reworked spaces soon!!
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