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What have I been up to? Two Words...

Yep, I've been getting ready for Girl's Camp and even though it's only a three day camp, the amount of planning and work that has gone into it is not any less. I'd stay and chat but I have a bazillion things to still finish up and only 5 hours to sleep and get up to go to camp. So here's a small glimpse into my life recently....
This is a shoe organizer, but I'm using it to put little gifts and job cards in for all the girls. I used my Cricut and vinyl to add their names to the pockets...can't wait to see it being used.

Last year the girls got water bottles from our stake, but not this year. So I decided to create my own. Thanks to All A Dollar, white vinyl and my Cricut machine I was able to personalize these cute bottles for each of the girls. I hope they like them!!

I cannot take credit for our camp flag. My daughter came up with the idea and all 21 of the girls helped make parts of it. Our theme is "Eternal Treasures" and so the t…

Literally My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe...amazing!

I was so excited to stop by...well, My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe yesterday and even more thrilled that my friend (that's a girl) Kris was working in the shop. You probably know Kris from the dynamic duo, Kim and Kris of the DIY Dish. And in their spare time they have open and run the cutest quilt shop I've ever been to...I couldn't stop taking pictures to share with you all. 
My friends and I were amazed at all the creative detail of all the quilt samples throughout the store. It's not those boring quilts of years in the past...these quilts are hip, cute and made me want to learn to quilt (almost).
Along with the fabrics, they're ribbon collection and patterns for things from sewing to stitcheries were wonderful. I was so thrilled to see these from Needle in a Haystack, designed by a local friend of mine Shellee. I do do stitcheries and I own every one of Shelle's cute patterns.
It's a good thing I don't collect fabric like I do paper, or I would need…

Odd Treat Combos - Please Share!

I'm testing out some new html coding and wondered if you could all help me out?

I recently found out I like to each black licorice and M&Ms together...yum!

Tell us what snack food combination you like that others think is odd? Thank you!!

Winner of i-rock Tool

Thank you everyone for your kind comments about my Guest Designer  appearance on the Simple Scrapbooks blog on Wednesday.  As mentioned on my blog on Wednesday, I thought it would be fun to  giveaway my most favorite tool, the i-rock by Imaginisce. 
I'm excited to announce the giveaway winner: JEN

Please email me your shipping information and  we'll get your prize shipped out to you next week.  Thank you!

Guest Designer for Simple Stories Today!

I am so excited to be Guest Designing over at Simple Stories blog today...check it out!! But wait, they're giving away one of my favorite collections AND I'm giving away one of my favorite tools. Scroll down to find out more and see some sneak peeks of my projects.

Here's a sneak peek of the collections I used and some of my projects....but be sure to go over to Simple Stories blog to see more of these projects in better detail!! 

Simple Stories makes scrapbooking simple through combining the love of traditional scrapbooking and 4x6 photo albums. Check out "why" Simple Stories came about and the crafty reasons behind Amber Cromwell's new creative endeavor for scrapbookers like you and me. They even offer a great section on their site that shows how easy it is to assemble an album Simple Stories style.   GIVEAWAY: Since I used the i-rock tool on a lot of my project, I figured it was fitting to giveaway a tool and some bling. Be sure to check out my Guest post and…

Teaching at SENZ 2011 NZ Scrapbooking Cardmaking and Craft Expo

Let me start off my scrapbooking adventures in New Zealand with this funny picture (below). After the Senz event was over, Jodi, owner of Scrapaholics hosted a special VIP evening of cocktails and yummy food. But the part that made me giggle the most were the plates and napkins. Jodi purchased them from a specialty store called Martha's Backyard for my visit. I thought it was a fitting tribute to my trip and this IndependenceDay holiday today! 
Senz 2011 is a yearly consumer event focusing on scrapbooking and paper crafts and features many stores and some New Zealand and Australian manufacturers' booths. It's a great place to be inspired because they have so many great classes, especially when they invite a manufacturer representative (me) from the US to come teach!! 
The event was first class and the Scrapaholics team were among some of the hardest working and pleasant people I've ever worked with at a consumer event. This is Jodi, owner of Scrapaholics and my best frie…

Lost in Naive Travels through New Zealand

Okay I know the speak english in New Zealand, but I wasn't prepared for the "accent". But I love listening to the wonderful Kiwis of New Zealand speak. I forgot I had an accent to them until a waitress practically pulled up a chair one day to ask us where we were from and tell us how much she liked our accent. However, combine that bit of an accent with talking a little fast sometimes and then calling things by different names then I was use to made from some funny situations. 
Don't worry, I have many more things to share about my travels, but I started this list with my mom while we were in the airport and thought it would be fun to share should you find yourself in New Zealand anytime soon. Oh and I'm not going to even start on the Maori words. 
Rubbish - this was my all time favorite one to day...I love calling "trash" or "garbage"...rubbish...doesn't it sound better?? Scones - loved the cheese ones but they were very much like what we c…