U Rule Teacher Card & Back to School Ideas

Everyone has been posting some darling ideas for back to school and I thought I would put one of my favorite cards up. I created this for the Cricut Circle e-magazine back in April and it features the For the Record Collection by Echo Park


Here's some of my favorite pins for Back to School ideas:

Party Idea by Amy Atlas (love the chalkboard back drop & table cloth)
Covered Oreos by Amanda Parker

Sewn Apple by Joy
School Supply Cake - awesome!!
Download step-by-step instructions.

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Bear Lake Bliss

We decided at the last minute to run away and what better place then beautiful Bear Lake. We rented a condo and enjoyed some time in their pool.

Then we spent the day at the lake and decided it would be way more fun with a SeaDo rental...and it was!

We ended our long day putting together a Bear Lake puzzle...funny huh?

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Expressions of Love: Coolest Scrapbook Project Ever

A couple of days after I was laid off from my job I received a call from a friend that works for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints video department. She told me they were looking for a "scrapbooker" to help create a scrapbook layout for them for a video project they were working on. 

I was flattered and scared all at the same time when they asked. What a great responsibility to create a visual for one of my favorite talks given at General Conference back in April by Elder Richard G. Scott called "The Eternal Blessing of Marriage."

But I graciously accepted and prayed that I would know what to do that would convey the story properly. All I was given to help me with this project was the following portion of the talk: 

"I remember one day I took some of those little round paper circles that form when you punch holes in paper, and I wrote on them the numbers 1 to 100. I turned each over and wrote her a message, one word on each circle. Then I scooped them up and put them in an envelope. I thought she would get a good laugh.  When she passed away, I found in her private things how much she appreciated the simple messages that we shared with each other. I noted that she had carefully pasted every one of those circles on a piece of paper. She not only kept my notes to her, but she protected them with plastic coverings as if they were a valuable treasure." (Richard G. Scott)

So I had no idea what Richard wrote to his beloved Jeanene that day, but I did imagine what I would want to hear from my sweet companion if he were writing the note. So I began punching circles and created the layout you see below (sorry it's a screen capture from the video). 

Well wouldn't you know it. I haven't liked my husband much these past couple of days since I returned home from a business trip. We have both been on edge with one another. Today we yelled at each other over cleaning up the house. But no time over the past couple days have I expressed my love for my husband...nope, not once. 

In the talk, Elder Richard G. Scott says, "Express gratitude for what your spouse does for you. Express that love and gratitude often. That will make life far richer and more pleasant and purposeful. Don’t withhold those natural expressions of love.

So I did send him a text message telling him I was sorry and that I appreciated and loved him. Now here's the final video that was posted on lds.org. And yes, I sobbed through the entire thing because I knew its message was what I needed to hear and it was TRUE! 

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Big Idea Festival: Words to Live by

I like free crafty things, don't you. Join me and some of my friends, Wendy Smedley and Stacy Julian along with many other talented crafty gals for the Big Idea Festival: Words to Live by

You are invited to a FREE festival packed full of big ideas at Big Picture Classes this August! Join us for 12 fun-filled days featuring 12 of our talented instructors. Each instructor will be giving you a word of the day, which we hope will inspire you, along with a downloadable template (in both printable and digital format) so that you can create a mini layout about that day's word and how you applied it in your life.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to register, remember it is free and you will not see a charge in your account, but you do have to check out.

New to Big Picture Classes, become a member for free 

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Q's Creative Blog Hop

My cute friend and fellow cardmaker, Sue Neal asked me to participate in her Q's Creative Blog Hop. I was thrilled but didn't have time to create a new card this weekend...so you're getting one of my all time cards I made this past year. It was published in the members-only Cricut Circle E-Magazine. Be sure to Hop back over to Sue's Blog....

Card Details: Imaginisce Garden Party Collection. I cute the watering pot with my Cricut and then put Ranger's Crackle coating over the top. But my favorite part are the flowers I cut with the Cricut out of WAX PAPER. I loved how light and soft these looked...but it did take some practice figuring out the right setting to cut wax paper and not rip it. 
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Handmade Funny Birthday Cards

I created these Handmade Funny Birthday Cards for the Cricut Circle magazine. I thought I'd share them with you now. Both were created with my nifty Cricut Expression, Gypsy and the yummy papers from Echo Park's For the Record Collection. 

What's the funniest Birthday Card you've even made or received??

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Favorite Finds: Doodlebug, Echo Park, Stkr.it QR Code Stickers

I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds from recent blog surfing, pictures from CHA and other email blasts I receive daily. First I cannot overlook the yummiest product I've seen in a while and that would be the DEVINE twine styled products that Doodlebug introduced recently. How cleaver that they'd come up with cardstock stickers that LOOK like you wrote with your twine. Yes, I have a slight obsession with twine. The image below doesn't show all the colors, but it gives you the general idea. 

And who doesn't love the new collections of Echo Park? They release a couple of great holiday collections but I cannot pick which one I'd rather play with first...so I say just buy them all. And of course a BIG shout out to my girl, Kristine McKay. She designed their new Apothecary Emporium Halloween Collection. I think it's fab and will be well used this season!!  Love me some Echo Park...how about you?

This has to be one of the coolest techie CRAFT idea I've seen in a long time. I've seen small little recorders you have to hide on your scrapbook layouts and cards, talking cards and ways to store a CD-Rom. But this has to be one of the coolest, hippest tech idea for scrapbooks. 

You've probably seen these funky little bar code looking images on ads and products lately. They're called QR codes and most smart phones out there (and my iPad) have QR reader apps that you can download, scan these code images and it takes you to a website, youtube video, song, etc that is online. So imagine how cool it would be to record your baby saying "momma or dadda" and then scrapbook a cute picture of them and add one of these stickers. When you scan in the code after visiting the layout, you're taken to the recording or even better...a VIDEO. Awesome idea, don't you think? 

Visit the write up on the Craft Critique or the Stkr.it Website to see a video on how these QR stickers work...sooooo cool!!
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Pre-Inspiration Unlimited Classes - Open to Everyone!

Pre-Inspiration Unlimited Fun! 
Teresa and her team thought of this last year....and thought oh this will be fun for our new thing for 2011!  How about some Pre-IU fun for those attending IU, and for those that may not have been able to get into Inspiration Unlimited as well!  That is right....we have something brewin' and it is going to be off the wall fabulous!  Something to get your creative juices flowing for Inspiration Unlimited!
Thursday, September 22nd......the fun begins at 8 am and continues through until 5:30 pm.....if you are up to it!  It is all in how you want to play! So if you're in the area or willing to make a trip to Vegas baby, then join us for the pre-Inspiration Unlimited fun!! 

We are going to have classes for you!  On Thursday!  Classes from some of our favorite manufacturers at that!  Get creative with the latest and greatest tools from Imaginisce (and me)!  Here's a sneak peak of my classes and link to their registration page:

Workshop #1 - Travel Journal Album

September 22nd - Cost: $30.00

Workshop #2 - I-Rockin Around the Christmas Tree Workshop

September 22nd - Cost: $25.00

Only 30 spots available in each class!  Registration open now. Classes are filling up fast...so you won't want to delay in registering when it is time to do so!
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