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Creative Gift Wrap Idea: Movie Night DVD Wrap Tutorial

I love creative gift wrap ideas and when I saw this I couldn't resist making a few. It's a "Movie Night DVD Wrap". Giving a DVD as a gift doesn't have to be boring, with a couple sheets of paper you can create this fun idea, fill the pockets with popcorn, gift cards and candy and you have a great gift. Just insert your DVD in the middle!! If you'd like to make one of your own, the instructions are further down in this post. 
Tutorial Instructions: 

Cut: Two 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" Cafeteria Line (dot side) paper; Use pocket pattern and Favorite Subject (red) paper to cut 2; 3 3/4 x 3 1/2" Geek Speak (aqua); 3/4 x 3 3/4" Cafeteria Line (striped).

  1. Score both pieces of Cafeteria Line (dot side) 3/4" from bottom edge. Overlap bottom scored sections and adhere together. 
  2. Line top edges of both pieces of papers and round top corners on both sides. 
  3. Punch hole 3/4" from from top edge and center of front and back sides. 
  4. Use i-top tool, Geek Speak (aqua) paper and 34"mm brad to create XL brad. Place brad on front side as shown. 
  5. Double 24" piece of black and white twine and loop through back page hole. This will be tied over the top and around XL brad to keep wrap closed. 
  6. Use pocket pattern (looks like image A below) to cut 2 pockets from Favorite Subject (red) paper; cut on solid lines and score on dotted line. 
  7. Adhere bottom and side parts of pocket together and adhere to front and backsides as shown, approximately 3/4" from bottom edge. We recommend a very strong adhesive for pockets.
  8. Adhere striped piece to top edge of aqua paper as shown. Wrap doubled piece of b&w twine around paper and tie in knot. 
  9. Adhere quote piece to paper. 
  10. Use i-rock to add black bling to corners.
  11. Score star die cut from each peak and valley of star to center of star and lightly crease to make 3D. Adhere to pocket.

3D Star attached to front with foam tape.

The front view of the DVD wrap.
The back view of DVD wrap.
View of wrap opened up and flattened out! 


If you'd like the color word art that I created for the front pocket, you can download it, view it or print it from here.  (Updated with correct download printable.)
Click Here to Download Printable

But, you'll need this pattern to create the pockets on the DVD wrap. Click the link here to download this file.

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I also created a Holiday version of this DVD Wrap that might be inspiring too, just click here to view the DVD Wrap Holiday Version.


My Minds Eye Holiday Hoopla Blog Post Today!

I know we're all so busy trying to get things ready for Christmas and time is a big issue (along with money). Well I shared one of my favorite, budget friendly gift ideas over on the My Mind's Eye blog this week. You can learn to make these by watching a video (yes, me in a video) and step-by-step instructions. These are created with 5x8" notepads that cost about $ .42 each and can be decorated with your scraps. So to learn more, check out the post on My Minds Eye

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Better Friends Composition Book Tutorial

Turn a simple school composition book into a beautiful gift. 

 I used Imaginisce's Petal Roller Tool and Paper Roly Rosies, along with their i-top tool to create this gorgeous floral cluster on the front of the book. Then with the help of my most favorite tool, the i-rock tool and some copper bling I created the fun flourishes on the cover too!

Cut: 6 x 9 3/4" Caramel Apples (red dot side); 5 x 9 3/4" All Spruced Up (stripe side) - stripes horizontal; Use Brown Cardstock with Bracket Pattern.

  1. Adhere red dot paper to outer edge of the front and back of composition book using liquid adhesive. Smooth out and sand off excess paper.   
  2. Slightly crease striped paper and adhere over binding of book. 
  3. Trim around "Better Friends" quote, ink edges and adhere to center of brown bracket.
  4. Wrap green tulle around book where striped paper and red paper meet. Tie brown pom pom ribbon around knot in tulle. 
  5. Use i-rock tool, swirl stencil and gold glam rocks to create swirl. 
  6. Create assorted Roly Rosie flowers and adhere to book as you desired.

Optional: Use i-top tool to create small green brad and glue to center of one of your Roly Rosies. 

You'll need this pattern to create the bracket shape on the cover of the composition book. Click the link here to download this file.

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Notepad Friend Wrap Tutorial

Cut: 8 x 12" Fall Into Fun (stripe side - vertical); 1 x 12" I Love Fall (orange dot)

1. Score striped paper from left to right, 5 1/8" then 1/4" from the first score line, then 5 1/8" from that score line and then 1/4" from the last score line. 

2. Adhere notepad in place inside of folded paper as shown in image below.
3. Score orange dot strip as follows: 3/4" from edge, then 1/4" from first score line, then 3/4" from that score line and 1/4" from that score line and repeat. Then fold to look like pleat.

4. Cut pleated piece so there is a 4" and 2" (approx.) pieces. Adhere 4" piece flush with top edge about 3/4" from left edge. Adhere smaller piece flush with bottom edge.

5. Wrap doubled twine around front flap and tie in bow at bottom of book. Tie pompom pied around bow.

6. Trim around "Friends Forever" quote, ink edges and mount to brown cardstock and mount 1 3/4" from bottom edge and flush with the left edge of book using brown foam tape.

7. Create Roly Rosie flowers and adhere to book as shown.

8. Use i-top Tool to create orange covered medium brad and mount 1 3/4" from right edge and 3 1/2" from top edge.

9. Punch small hole in center of small flap and tie small piece of twine through hole.

10. Use i-rock and copper bling to add accents to project.

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