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IBP: Score-iffic Paper Craft Ideas

Have you ever wanted to know what those awesome tools like the "Scor-Pal" do and how many amazing things you can create with them? Be sure to check out today's episode as I hosts my crafty friend, Tya Smith as they share some score-iffic ideas. Check out today's episode to find out how you can win a ScorPal tool for yourself!

**GIVEAWAY TODAY: Visit cute Tya's blog at to find out how you can win a Scor-Pal full size score board. 


Here's the links to the blogs referenced in this episode:

**Be sure to check out the Doodlebug Blog this week. They've been featuring ideas using Scor-Pal and their products. Tons of more chances to win!! 

Imagination is More Important

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you keep seeing the same message pop up everywhere. You see it on TV, you see it on a bumper sticker, you hear it on the radio and then you see it pop up on Facebook and Pinterest. Well I have had one of those weeks recently and this is the quote I kept seeing all over!
I am starting to wonder if "someone" is trying to send me a message. 

Or maybe I just needed a reminder that my "Imagination is more important than knowledge." As I'm getting older I'm I can say that my knowledge is decreasing (probably more my memory), but my imagination continues to sour!!

I am so grateful for the many people I interact with that continue to INSPIRE me each day. They help my imagination grow and for those people, I thank you!! And of course, THANK YOU for letting me share my imagination with you all. I appreciate that you have stopped and taken the time to ready my quick thoughts. Have a GREAT day!!

IBP: Refashion Cheap Flip Flops

Life is better in "Flip Flops" and in today's Inspired by Pinterest episode I invite my daughter back to share some fun Pins for refashioning and styling up your inexpensive flip flops. We'll walk you through a fun fabric knotted flip flop tutorial and inspire you to look at these summer essentials in a new light.

WATCH MY FLIP FLOPS episode HERE on My Craft Channel

Here's the links to the blogs referenced in this episode:

My Craft Channel's First Blooper Reel

I was so excited when I was sent my first  official blooper reel from my filming  "Inspired by Pinterest" for My Craft Channel

However, now I'm rethinking why  I'm posting this for all of you to see.  You get to see it thanks for laughing  WITH me and not AT me!

IBP: Brown Bags

Hello from Park City, Utah. I'm away this weekend attending the EVO Conference. I cannot wait to spend time meeting bloggers from around the country. I'll share more about my adventures next week when I get back. 

But it wouldn't be Thursday without a new Inspired by Pinterest episode. Today I share some crafty ideas on how to turn a drab brown bag into a cute, crafty creation. Inspired by the fun brown bag pins found on Pinterest, you'll learn how to print, fold and glue these bags to make your own fun creations.

WATCH MY BROWN BAGS episode HERE on My Craft Channel
Print on them....

Top them off with punches, decorative 
scissors, embellishments or doilies...

 Emboss them....
Ink them...

Vitality Wins Launches

Okay admit it, if watching our health was "fun" or a game like Scramble or Words with Friends you'd probably spend more time playing (aka working) on your health, right??

I'm excited to announce the launch of the new Vitality Wins website. Some friends of mine have been working on this project for a very long time and I'm thrilled that their dream is finally live and working. it's FREE and I just started my game today. In fact, I'm competing against some of my bloggers friends (more to come on that one).

How it Works!

Free game of healthy eating and lifestyle resulting in a loss of weight and a gain of healthy habits.

There are many good things we can do for our health and happiness. This game awards you for the good you do each day.

Sign up to Play today! 

IBP: Cupcake Liners

Inspired by the talented Kara Allen, I searched Pinterest for fun ideas to share with you on how to utilize the pretty cupcake liners for flowers, pins, decorating and more (no baking though). You will love how much fun you can have with someting so simple. 
Scroll down to the end of the post to find out how you can win some of Kara's favorite cupcake liners from the Kara's Party Ideas Shop and the i-Bond Cordless Glue Gun from Imaginisce.

WATCH MY CUPCAKE LINERS episode HERE on My Craft Channel