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IBP Crafting with Canvas, Part 1

Join me this week as she jumps into the world of crafting on canvas. I will share fun pins and what inspired me to create some fun sample projects. Then I willl teach you how to apply vinyl to canvas with a simple step. You'll be inspired to try crafting with canvas after you finish this episode for sure!
WATCH MY CANVAS PART 1 episode HERE on My Craft Channel
Note: I invite everyone back to view "Part 2" next week, but we have had to schedule it
for a later date to give me the chance to share MORE Canvas ideas with you.
As I mention in the episode, the best way to prep a canvas to accept
vinyl lettering, simple coat it with a light layer of mod podge. 
Special Thanks to Justin at Canvas Corp for hooking me up with some great Canvas Corp products. I cannot wait to show you more ideas using the products he sent me in Part 2. 

Pins Referenced in Today's Episode

Inspired by Pinterest: Pom Poms & Yarn

Today I'm going a little crazy showing you how much fun it is to make wonderful creations with pom poms. You'll love how simple using the Clover pom pom makers can be to create pom poms in a variety of sizes. Learn how to make banners to wreaths and how different yarns make your pom poms turn out.

Pins Referenced in Today's Episode

For more card display ideas, visit my
Pom Poms & Yarn

My Version of Yummy Breakfast Bacon Bites

Do you ever see a pin on Pinterest and think...YUMMY. Then it nags at you for days because you know you have the ingredients in your fridge and you just need to make the time to try it out. Well here's where this latest "inspired by pinterest" food pin....
The pin took me to a blog called Recipe by Photo (which all recipes should have great photos)...but sadly she took the photos off another site and doesn't really take the time to explain how to make these. So like any good blogger, I went on the hung for the original source. It was from a site called Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body (love the name, but mine would be swapped around to Skinny Girl Trapped in Fat Body). I have since updated the link to go to the correct blog (little pet peeve of mine).

Okay so off to cook I went....

Only issue I had is I couldn't figure out if she used a traditional size muffin tin or mini (pictures are sometimes not helpful with sizing). I wanted mine to be from a mini muffin t…

IBP Coffee Filters

You've seen coffee filter creations all over Pinterest, so it's about time that I started crafting up some fun projects with this affordable craft medium. Learn how to create a traditional coffee filter wreath and make your own shapes.
WATCH MY COFFEE FILTERS episode HERE on My Craft Channel
Special thanks to my friends Tausha Hoyt from Sassy Styles and Kelli from Lolly Jane for inspiring me to try this and a fun afternoon of crafting up our first coffee filter wreaths. Be sure to check out Kelli's Craft SUCCESS here. Read on to learn more about creating your own Coffee Filter
, like a heart or numbers for a special birthday.

IBP Crafting with Doilies

You've seen them at the local grocery store, they're all over your favorite craft supply store and you might even have some tucked in a drawer at home... doilies. Learn how you can take something as simple as a paper doily and create some amazing wreaths and home decor items. I searched Pinterest to bring you great ideas on how to craft with doilies.