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Inspired by Pinterest: String Art

You may remember created these clever creations of art with string and nails when you were younger, but maybe you haven't seen them in quite a hip, trendy way. Join me today on Inspired by Pinterest as I walk you through how fun and simple it can be to create these custom home decor pieces ....and it's a great stress reliever to boot.

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IBP Denim & Blue Jeans

Is there something you find yourself saving for that "one" project you're going to do "one" day? Well join me today on My Craft Channel as I share my denim, blue jean hoarding problem. Find out what I want to make and what I did make with those left over blue jeans and denim pants.

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Bead Farm + Knit Sew Create Workshop Weekend Winners Announced

Last week I was thrilled to be giving away this beautiful necklace and earring set from The Bead Farm at Gardner Village. I would have loved to give this away to a friend (wink), but figured it only fair to use So here you go....
Congrats to Dana Engemann...woot woot!!

Now for the next winner...

We are excited to announce the winner of the Knit-Sew-Create Workshop Weekend and we hope that she has blast next weekend. Congrats to....

Katie Moon Adams

The Bead Farm Giveaway + Knit Sew Create Workshop Weekend

I am so excited about my Giveaway Times Two...keep reading to learn more!!

So you've all seen me blog about one of my favorite "Girls Night Out" destination places, The Bead Farm at Gardner Village. It's the perfect place to hang out. You can do a little shopping, bead for a couple (few) hours and then go to dinner at Archibalds. My only complaint is I wish they stayed open later...although they do throw some amazingly fun midnight madness night outs ocassionally.

Well my last trip to The Bead Farm I was hooked on making Earrings. I love that I can use their tools, they only charge me for my supplies I use and I get to pick beads from an entire store of yummy beads. Oh and let's not forget I have Callie and Colleen available to help me create whatever I challenge them's the prefect night for me and my friends!!

But I have something super fun. Callie asked me to pick a necklace and earring set that she created and sells at the store (yes you do not …

IBP Crafting with Newspaper

I was excited to show you how much fun it can be to recycle those newspapers into some fun home decor and give wrap ideas in today's episode on My Craft Channel. Learn how to create a custom size sack, wrap a gift and make curly toppers and create the fun and shaggy wreath with a pair of specialty scissors and newspaper.

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This is my favorite door decor wreath to date. Thanks to the help of my friend Andrea McAllister we came up with this fun ideas of a shredded newspaper wreath.
Best part is it has yellowed on my front door making even cooler!! 
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