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Clearfield High Tennis Order Form 2013

Parents & Players: 
It's time again to order the girls hoodie, sweats and t-shirts. These will be worn as warm up clothing if needed. Remember these are NOT required and completely option. Also, parents are welcome to order as well. There is a discount if you order all three items for the same student.

Payment is due by this THURSDAY 8/15. Please send your money and order form to practice with your player. They can turn these in to Emma Allred or Kylie Harris. Do not pay the school for these as they're being coordinated by MOMs and not by the coaches.

If you have questions please email us or refer to the phone numbers listed on the order form. The order form is down below.

Thank you!
Lori Allred & Brenda Harris

Pull-over Hoodie (Forrest Green, Adult Sizes): Screened Image on Front
Sweat Pants (Forest Green, Adult Sizes): Screen Image down one leg
T-Shirt (Black, Adult Sizes): Screen on Front of T-shirt
Here is the ORDER FORM, if you do not see it in this post you can fin…

IBP Leather Stamping - Stepping it UP!

If you loved learning about the GCD Studio's Melody Ross Chipart in last weeks Inspired by Pinterest episode then you will be completely hooked after seeing how to use them on LEATHER. In today's Leather Stamping - Stepping it UP episode, I hope to make stamping on leather hip and cool. Learn to stamp it, paint it, stain it and the same techniques work great on chipboard. Mixed media and crafty people will love learning how simple this can be.

WATCH MY LEATHER STAMPING - Stepping it Up episode HERE on My Craft Channel

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IBP Chipart & Leather Stamping Intro

Join me as I introduce you to the many crafty uses of the GCD Melody Ross Chipart Tools. So whether you are stamping your chipboard embellishments or wanting to try stamping leather, you will love this product line of tools. This is the first episode in a series of episodes that will teach you the many ways to use chipart and leather tools so stay tuned for more ideas.

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IBP Learn to Gold & Silver Foil (and Copper too)

Foiled again! Another great craft product you'll want to invest in after watching today's episode of Inspired by Pinterest with me today. I show you how simple it can be to gold & silver foil everything from frames to glassware and more. You'll learn tips and tricks for what works best as well as a complimentary product called Rub & Buff.

WATCH MY GOLD & SILVER FOIL episode HERE on My Craft Channel

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Top 10 Movies Filmed in Utah

If you know anything about me then you know how much I adore movies. I seriously would rather hang out at a movie theater on a hot afternoon where it's air conditioned, watching a movie on a big screen. Sure I love them at home, but the movie theater makes even the most average show that much better.

And a friend of mine sent me this awesome graphic sharing the Top 10 Movies Filmed in Utah. And I got a little sentimental when I saw that she put the Villa Theatre graphic at the top. It's the most fabulous old theater with a balcony and the place I remembered seeing Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark with my brother and dad (and just got my ears pierced they throbbed through the whole movie...but still loved it).

Check it out....

IBP Plastic Magnet Alphabet Upcycle

In today's Inspired by Pinterest episode I share my latest obsession with alphabets. I will alter, paint, glitter and just plain having fun with plastic, magnet alphabets. And I will share a bunch of ideas on how you can create faux stainless steel alphabets and more!


Special thanks to my friend Jennifer Reed for teaching me that Ebay is a great
source for second hand plastic alphabets.

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