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IBP Cork Board Inspiration

In today's Inspired by Pinterest on My Craft Channel my daughter Emma and I share some fun ways to create and decorate cork tiles and boards. Learn how fun it can be to paint and spray cork with Heidi Swapp's Color Shine too. You'll be able to create some of the most stylish cork boards around for home or office. And if you missed it, be sure to check out the Decorative Push Pins & Tacks Episode that aired a couple of weeks ago.

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episode on My Craft Channel
 I always love having Emma join me for filming...she cracks me up like no one else
and I find so much joy having my daughter enjoy crafts as much as I do!!

Pin Referenced in Today's Episode

Started with this (above) and turned into this (below).

An Modern Day Parable: The Good Samaritan

Now you all know the story of the Good Samaritan, right? In case you need a refresher, you can read about it in Luke 10: 29-37. But what stuck out to me was the question the Lawyer asked Christ prior to the parable being told. He asked him “Who is my neighbor.” So with that in mind, I’d like to imagine telling this story with a more modern twist, maybe one that my teenagers (and most of you) may relate to more.

First, let’s set up the characters. Instead of a “Samaritan” let’s just call them the “Others.” Maybe the “others" walk different then you do, maybe the “others” are more open with their lifestyle choices that are different then yours. The “others” may have different standards and they may NOT follow the word of wisdom as you do. Maybe those “others” believe in a different religion or political party then you. Maybe the “others” dress differently then you. The “others” just do things, well differently then you and your friends.

So my story starts with an average student, …

IBP Shadow Box Inspiration with Doodlebug

In today's Inspired by Pinterest episode, I showcase one of my favorite company's "Shadow Boxes", Doodlebug Design. I will show you some great pins from Pinterest on how to use these, but also borrowed some amazing finished samples from Doodlebug Design ( You'll love how you can customize these to fit any project and so much more. Also be sure to watch my "Vacation Display Idea" episode as well to see how you could incorporate photographs and souvenirs into your Shadow Box creations.

episode HERE on My Craft Channel

Pin Referenced in Today's Episode

IBP Decorative Push Pins & Tacks

Join me and my her daughter Emma as we share some creative ideas for making your own decorative push pins and tacks. You'd never imagine that adding items like scrapbook bling, epoxy stickers, flair and more could create one of a kind push pins for your bulletin boards. So dig through those button jars and pull out your old game pieces because we're getting Inspired by Pinterest today on My Craft Channel.

episode HERE on My Craft Channel

Pin Referenced in Today's Episode

IBP Vacation Display Ideas

Join me today as I share a variety of ideas for taking your favorite vacation memories and creating fun displays in your home on my latest Inspired by Pinterest episode on My Craft Channel. Don't leave your photos on your computer or in a book that only you enjoy periodically, pull them out and share them with your family and friends.

 One of my favorite souvenirs was this beat up Italian spoon I found on the beach of Vernazza, Italy. It reminds me of the beautiful port that had been destroyed
temporarily and rebuilt to it's current beauty!! Love this item and I was so excited to show it off in my 8x8 Doodlebug Shadowbox frame.

 This darling chain/clip strand is the perfect solution for displaying your favorite postcards. You can pick one up here for about $9.00 (I bought my locally for about $20). And thanks Kim for sending me the beautiful Glacier Park postcards to share.
Don't forget to pick up postca…