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Once Upon a Time My Craft Room was Clean (TOUR)

[Found this post in draft mode from five years ago and thought I'd share that once upon a time my craft room was clean. Scroll down for the reality that is NOW!] Welcome to my craft room & office!
I figured since it's clean I would finally take photos of my space and share it with my friends. Please don't hate me because if you're like me, I use to look at peoples craft rooms in awe and jealousy. I have been were many of you are, on a fold out table shoved in a corner of your family room, hoping no one but your family sees the creative mess you have surrounding you. You can never find anything because there's no room or way to

Simple Mother's Day Gift Printables from Positive Affirmations

Despite all of its joys, being a mother is no easy task. Moms receive no sick days or vacation days, and they're on call 24/7. Yet as hard as they work, mothers are often still bombarded with messages that they're not doing enough. This simply isn't true! That's why Personal Creations has