About Me

If there is ONE thing I cannot do, it is to just sit and watch TV. I've always had to keep my hands busy. So crafting of all types saved me from falling asleep during endless movies and tv shows.

I love anything crafty and my surroundings beautiful, yet slightly messy! I have worked in the CRAFT industry for over 15 years and love everything about it! I stumbled into a job doing marketing years ago after winning a layout contest with a company and then offered my skills part-time...and I haven't left this great industry since then. I call it "my art", but my 15 year old says playing with craft stuff is not ART...I disagree!

I have taught all around the world and love teaching women like me about my passions. I also have a knack for social media, so I blog professionally as well as casually and love figuring out how to work SEO into my blog posts! I love the blogging community and the friends I have there and hope to be working the "social media scene" for a very long time.

I've been married to a rather challenging man for almost 19 years, but obviously it works for me and I do love him! And I have two of the most awesome KIDS ever...both teenagers, but I like them that way. When I'm not being crafty, I'm usually at the MOVIES...my other obsession!!