Die Hard Obsession with Twilight!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Emma after she fell asleep on the couch tonight. She's so excited to be reading Twilight. Which is sort of weird, because she read Breaking Dawn with me this past summer...yes she read the 4th book before the 1st. 

Actually I check the audio CDs out of the library about a year ago and she caught bits and pieces of the story while I listened and what she didn't get I tried to fill in the story for her. We did that through the first two books, the third book I read on a trip to Idaho and sat and told her what I was reading...then we read the last few chapters together. So that is why we waiting in line for Breaking Dawn at midnight at Walmart and then read it together (I read it all by myself before her and I finished....shhhh). Anyway, we both decided to go back and read Twilight at the same time (but not together) this time and she's reading all the time to keep ahead of me...to the point she's sleeping with the darn book. (Edward & Bella forever!!)

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