Yes! We're Twilight Fans at our House

Well as most of you may already know the Twilight era has arrived and fans ranging in age from 10 to 90 are crazy about Stephenie Meyer and her series of vampire books. At first many of my friends tried to convince me to read these, but you see I'm not a reader at all. I'm on the computer all the time. So at the complete and utter peer pressure of some neighbors I rented the first two books on CD and listened to them while I worked. Much to my surprise I enjoyed them...except for the fact Bella thinks she's madly in love and wants to spend eternity with Edward and she's ONLY 17. If I thought that at 17 I'd be married to a guy named Scott and probably a navy wife somewhere halfway around the world...but then again he wasn't a handsome VAMPIRE either. 

Periodically let Emma listened to the CDs with me or I filled her in on the plot as the two books on CD progressed.   Then with book three, I decided to try "reading" one of her books and took it with me on a weekend trip I was making with my family...I finished a 700 page book in two days. The way she writes makes it very easy to read. I ended up reading the last three chapters aloud to my daughter and I remember sitting on my bed with her sobbing at  the turmoil Bella was going through...I was convinced at that time that I was a JACOB fan and not Edward. But book 4 changed my mind and all is right with the world. Emma and I were part of the many crazy fans that stood in line at Walmart at midnight the night the book came out to buy it. We then read it aloud to each other...I however, secretly read ahead of her by myself (to edit the parts that might have needed editing for an 11 year old)...and I finished the entire book in a few days...so I actually read book 4 twice! 
So that leads us back to Twilight. Emma and I decided we wanted to read it (by ourselves) before the movie came out so we would get EVERY detail that listening didn't give me. Emma finished it on her own and is thrilled to earn herself 25+ AR points for her school reading. Oh, it made me laugh because the last few chapters were killing her to not finish so one day she locked herself in her room from 4-8pm and finished the book! I finished the next day. We're not moving on to book two...if she'll stop hiding it from me we should be done with that one soon too. (Side note: Emma has memorized the entire dialogue for the Twilight movie trailer because she's watched it a hundred times.)

My entire reason for writing this post was so I could show off a layout I did of some pictures you've alreay seen of Emma. They're the ones where she fell asleep on the couch hugging her Twilight book. Well I played around with some Shabby Princess designs and created this layout below...isn't it cool (hope you like it Emma). 

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