My Memories Suite by Polaroid Video

Some of my friends have been asking me about this new software that I've been using to create some of my digital layouts in and photo books. Most of you know I'm a pretty "okay" graphic person and love photoshop, but sometimes it takes too much BRAIN power to figure it out.

This new software from My Memories Suite is the bomb! It's easy enough that my 11 year old daughter loves to play with it, but not too simple I can't create in it the way I want. I love that they're templates make it so easy and fast. And I'm working on three albums that I'm going to have printed in a hard bound photo book. Seriously, if you've wanted to scrapbook and haven't dared then I would recommend this software. You can get 30% right now too, if you put in the code DESIGNMOM.

Check out this short infommercial when you have a minute!! **UPDATE: I had the video on the blog, but got annoyed that it automatically played every time I came to my blog. So I've taken it off and put a link. Please take a moment to check it out!!**

To Visit My Memories Suite VIDEO LINK


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