4x6 Photo Recipe Cards

I thought I'd show off a little "on going" project I have been working on for a while. I thought it would be fun to create recipe cards for my favorite recipes. I had them printed out as 4x6* photographs and bought a small photo album at Walmart to store them in. I'll show the finish project when I design the cover. Thanks to my friends and family for sharing their recipes!
All of these cards were created from designs by Shabby Princess

Here are a couple other ideas that you can print out on 4x6 photographs: 

  • Gift Tags - Design 3-4 personalized tags to fit in a 4x6 space.
  • Address Book - Loved this idea when I saw it, but haven't done it yet. Simply design each 4x6 photo that shows a photo of the person and then their contact information.  

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  1. These 4x6 recipe cards look adorable and cute. Are these textured designs?


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