I'm Cured!

Yes, you'll never believe what I found out yesterday after visiting one of my favorite local scrapbook stores, Heartland. You see I haven't been in a scrapbook store since before Christmas...whether it was from lack of funds or lack of time, I just haven't gone. So after that long of a break from one of my favorite places to blow money, I figured I was in for it...I knew I'd go a little nuts and would have to figure out justify my purchase to my honey.

So with my 40% off coupon in hand I ventured into Heartland Paper. They always have the cutest paper crafted decorations up and their store is so nicely organized...and oh, there was a ton of things I hadn't seen since my last trip. Not tons of new stuff from CHA yet, but still new to me. I started wander...almost hunting for everything I couldn't live without. I went up and down each isle, touching and looking and ready to fill my basket. But isle after isle I would pick something up, question how I would use it, decide I didn't need it and put it back (yes, actually put it back). I tried really I did. I tried paper, albums, embellishments, rub-ons...but everything I put back. My daughter was with me and we bought some things for her, but nothing really stood out to me as a MUST have. I don't know if it was me wondering "what will I do with this", but heck I've purchased things for years and never justified it...trust me I have the receipts and boxes of product to prove it. So with my 40% coupon code I tried and tried to find something, finally settling on a darling pack of paper from My Mind's Eye for a gift I needed for a fellow scrapper. But NO, I did not buy a thing. I've been spending so much time creating fun beautiful designs on my computer in My Memories Suite or my good ol' Photoshop and for some reason I feel satisfied!! So maybe "digital scrapbooking" has cured me!! Of course I still want to embellish pages and create cards, but I own PLENTY of embellishments that there's no need to buy more. I've NEVER felt this way in all my years of crazy crafting. I hope it passes and as new CHA products reach the stores, I'll find the impulse to BUY, BUY, BUY!!


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