Online Title Maker - Rockin Idea!!

Okay girls, how many of you remember using Lettering Delights over the years, a great source for the cutest journalling fonts available? Well I have to admit, it's been a while since I checked out their site and wow was I impressed when I went back recently. But the thing that motivated me to post about this was their new Online Title Maker

You know how we all have tons of PNG alphabets/monograms and they're tedious to use at times? This is the coolest online tool I've used. You can take the alphabets (NOT fonts) you purchased and create your own custom titles in a matter of minutes!! 

To create the "Valentines" title, I purchased the Crazy for You alphabet. Then once I was in the Online Title Maker, I simply selected that font, typed in the title I wanted and voila...I have a perfect title in seconds. Then you'll notice the save image...click on that and it saves your title as a PNG file to your desktop. I can then drop it into My Memories Suite Software or photoshop or even MS Word.  How cool is that?? 
You don't have to be a digi scrapper to appreciate this either. Do you ever need a flyer for school or church? How many times do you need an invitation or your kids need a poster?Seriously...love this fun easy tool. Check it out at Lettering Delights!

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