Easy Flyer in Minutes

My of my friends ask me to post tips, tricks and simple ideas using the My Memories Suite software, so here's another fun idea. I needed a flyer to pass out at church this weekend, but didn't have a lot of time to create a cool graphic design one like many people seem to expect from me. So I opened up my My Memories Suite program and searched through the Templates until I found one that would work.

I opened up the Carnival Template and got to work. I only needed to pages
(see the images below) so I selected those and opened them up. I then copied the "Party Time" title from the second page and pasted it where the "Let the Festivities Begin" title was (after I deleted of course). I then deleted the second page. Then I changed the page format from 12x12 to Portrait and adjusted all the graphics until I thought it would work (see image above). I knew I'd be printing this 4 to a page, so I actually only worried about designing the top half to the page and cropped off the bottom. I then selected the "SHARE" button and output it to a medium quality image. The next set I did for printing I did in word...read on.

So to print, I opened my MS Word program and set up my page to be landscape. From there I "inserted image". Once I had the original image in work, I selected my crop tool and cropped off the bottom section. Then I sized it to a quarter of the page, copied and pasted it three additional times until my page looked like this. Then I printed them off and I was ready to hand them out. By the way, everyone thought I spent a LONG time on this but I snickered because it didn't take me much more then 30 minutes from start to finish (actually took me longer to cut them down).
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