Taxes or Scrapbook?

So my tax guy called today to remind me that it's "time" to send him all my tax info so he can get going on them. I've had it all buried on my desk for, oh a month or so and have been trying to forget about it. Some people are quick to get this taken care of, but since last year about this time I left my regular job and ventured off into "contract labor"...I am not nearly as excited because I've been here before and probably will end up owning good ol' Uncle Sam. So rather then dig my information out from under the pile of bills, papers, etc I decided I'd scrapbook instead. Obviously this doesn't pay the bills or my taxes for that matter, but it does make me feel like I accomplished something that will last a lot longer then my tax refund ever would. 

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Amy Jaz said...

I love this page! I like the soft yellow background. I just found your blog and added it to my favorites. I will be coming here for digi-scrap inspiration often!

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