April Fool

We don't really recognize "April Fool's Day" for what it is.....you know, the traditional pranks to those you love...or love to tease. You see it's also my husband, Kirk's birthday. So I think by default the meaning of this day is trumped by celebrations of Kirk's birth oh so long ago. Granted we don't get too excited about his birthday...he hates it when we make a fuss (but secretly loves it when we do). He's a great husband and father and we're greatful to have enjoyed another year with him. His grandpa Allred that passed away use to tell me, "Birthdays are GOOD for your HEALTH...the MORE you have the LONGER you live!!"

Happy Birthday Kirk!!

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Andrea and Chuck said...

Happy Birthday Kirk!! I know you probably don't see this but we hope you had a great day.

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