My Project 52: Weeks 12 and 13

I'm a slacker I know..sort of like keeping up on writing in my journal. Months would go by and then every entry would start with, "I'm a slacker". So one thing to note about this Project 52, if you get behind too much (like me) then it's harder to catch up. I think the last week I posted was week 8 and we're now on week 14. So I decided to do what I would do in traditional scrapbooking and work backwards. 

For those of you that are new to my blog, I decided that "Project 365" was too much for me to cope with and started my own version called "Project 52". Rather then taking a picture every day and scrapbooking it, I do a layout from each week. Loved the idea and the book I'm going to have printed at the end of the year will ROCK! All my layouts for Project 52 were created in My Memories Suite. It's a great, inexpensive program that allows me to organize my layouts and have them ready to output to a Photobook when I'm done. I'm very proficient at Photoshop, but find that this program is much easier to use. I think My Memories Suite software is a great "companion" software to Photoshop.
Description Week 12: Not sure who to give credit to on the paper and embellishments since I pulled them out using the search feature in MMS. I'm pretty sure that they're from Miriam Lima and The Ettes & Company. But the fonts are both Lettering Delights (Remington Portable & Sweet Potatoes). 

Description Week 13: Papers are from StoryRock's Birthday Boy collection and the font is Lettering Delights Neetle. 

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