My Ode to Scout Camp

This week my cool son and even cooler hubby are going to be off enjoying the mountains at Camp Loll. They went there two summers ago and it's been the camp they both liked the most. After watching my son pack and repack his stuff over the past week and listen to my husband plan, shop and pack the troop...I'm excited it's finally here.

But the reason for this post is to share a conversation I had with my son before he left.

Mom: "Could you try to work harder this summer on getting merit badges?" (Last time at Camp Loll he came back with 3 or 4 incompletes and not one complete merit badge.)

Son's response: "Mom, I don't care about the merit badges. That's not why I go to camp. I go because I like camping!"

Well there you have son the scout that enjoys the journey...not so much the end goal!!I guess if we don't end up with an Eagle Scout at the end of this process, we'll at least end up with a son that loves the outdoors and loves to go camping...nothing wrong with that!!

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