SNAP, FLASH...more FUN ideas for your PHOTOS!

8I started looking at come fun ideas for custom printed Birthday cards for a friend of mine, but once I started browsing around the new BHG's Life in Photos website I was hooked. I've already started about three projects I hope to get ordered this month while they are offering Free Shipping!

Let me show you some of my favorite finds from their website. First, the customizable invites/cards you can print for as little as $1.65 and they offer a lot of variety of designs and you can order as many as you want. Wouldn't family love getting a darling card like this announcing the latest birthday for your daughter? Mine would!
But look how fun these are...POSTERS! Wouldn't this be so unique to have posters that you create with your favorite photos. They're "fabric" posters and "repositionable". I can't wait to try this out for myself! But I have a couple of friends (...you know who you are that will beat me to it!)

Back to more custom printed ideas. Love these tri-folded invitations and there are some cute designs to pick from. Being a long time card maker I've decided keeping it simple costs me a lot less, takes less time and I love that these type of invitations feature PHOTOS!
I love Photobooks! Sure I scrapbook...but these are such a great GIFT for just about everyone! I fell in love with making this this past year and can't wait to make more. I loved the Photobook designs that BHG's Life in Photos offers...they totally fit me. But I'm always looking for creative gift ideas too and this books is the one I started working on for a Birthday gift for a friend of mine. She will love this, I know it looks like I should do it for my daughter, but I loved the design and I can change the fonts. So I'm going to put things like "I WISH we continue to have LAUGHTER"...you get it don't you?

But another great idea for my friend's birthday was this fun "swatch book" album design...I can't stop thinking off all the funny photos and things I can include in this design. Check it out here to see more of the pages.

I have to admit there were other yummy ideas on the BHG's Life in Photos site, but I'll post about those on my Lil Red Cottage Blog!

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Cheryl said...

What a great site! TFS!

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