Summer Free Fun

As a newly unemployed mom stuck (enjoying) being home with two kids (12 and 14) I've been searching high and low for ideas to do with my kids during the summer so we won't kill each other and we make a few memories in the process. The past week we went hiking up Mueller Park/Canyon above Bountiful and then we spent some time one afternoon at the Hill Air Force Museum...both free and fun!

So now I have had a few friends ask me to post good finds on my blog, so here are some ideas for the week:

Days of '47 Float Preview Party

July 20-July 21, 2009

Monday-Tuesday 11:00am-9:00pm

South Towne Exposition Center

And I saw a billboard from UTA that said you could buy a group pass for Front Runner for up to 4 people for only $10. And I believe you can transfer from Front Runner to Trax...we might just do that to get to the South Towne Expo...should take up most the day don't you think? If the Float Preview doesn't work out, then just taking Front Runner to the Gateway might be a fun way to spend a day!


just to warn you at the float preview they try to get you with other stuff. Older kids won't care but anyone with little ones they have booths for face painting and cotton candy, snow cones you get the idea a whole slue of stuff tempting children with a dollar $ attached to it.

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