Crazy Blogger Alert: I'm Posting Pictures of Food

So how often to you see someone post about their successful shopping experience and think "great for them" but know you would never, post the same type of thing? I thought that way and here I am posting pictures of my latest trip to the shopping trip. I thought it was cool that I bought all my groceries for $6.74 and my lunch at Arbys cost me $7.50. Go figure!! Read below for "how I did this".
Groceries for Albertsons include: Captain Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 2 gallons of milk, brownie mix, loaf of bread, dozen eggs, ziplock sandwich bags and gallon ziplock bags.
How did I get so many groceries for under seven dollars? I had a free milk coupon worth $4.00 and could actually get 2 gallons for that; then I had a $5.00 off my next shopping trip coupon which I applied my bill and then the rest of the stuff was on sale (saved about $16 buying sale items only). So I my groceries should have come to just over $30 without the coupons. (Disclaimer: I'm not a newspaper coupon clipper, but I do watch online sites like and and print off coupons online if needed.)


Cheryl said…
Wow, that's impressive. You go girl!

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