How To: Simple Covered Notepads

You may have seen this simple notebook I posted on Lil Red Cottage last week. I promised some instructions on how you can re-create this project so I am going to explain the details with another set of notebooks I created. I haven't embellished them (yet), but this will get you started.

View of completed notebooks:

Open View of Covered notepad:

Supplies Needed: Adhesive, Chalk Ink (optional), a couple of sheets of scrapbook paper (at least one should start off 12x12" and a small notepad. The notepads are usually sold in sets of 4-6 and I think I paid about $3.99 for my pack.
Cutting Directions:
Cover - 8" tall x 10 1/2" wide
Inside Front Cover (optional) - 5 3/8" x 8" Note: I only covered this because the paper I chose was not double-sided and I didn't want boring old white to show. You can certainly skip this step to save time and money.
Pocket - 6" x 7 1/2" (see below)
Small Strip (covers printed band along notebook) - 7/8 x 5"
After I cut all the pieces out, I inked the edges.

First step is to score the cover sheet. I scored it in 5 1/8" from the left and then again 5 1/8" from the right so that there was a nice 1/4" binding (approx). Second step is to hide the blank inside cover. Simply adhere that piece to the left edge. I would suggest scoring it 1/4" from the right edge so it bends with the cover better.
Next, adhere the notepad to the back cover. My adhesive of choice is always Mono Adhesive by Tombow, but mod podge would work well (a glue stick would eventually dry and the paper would come off...I never use glue sticks).
Take the piece you cut for the pocket and trim off approx. 4" from the top left corner down to about 3 3/4" from the bottom edge (confusing I know). So you pocket angle may vary depending on your mood. Score the edges of the pocket about 3/8" from the side and bottom edges of the block. Cut out to bottom corners so you can fold edges and tack down the corners.
Once you've done that, run adhesive along the edges and mount pocket to inside front cover, flush with bottom and outer edge. Note: before scoring both sides of pocket, line it up next to cover and make sure your pocket is the right size...sometimes it's too big and you can easily fix that by re-scoring the edge.

UPDATED 09/14/09: Here's a pattern that helps you visualize the pocket much better then what the photos show.
Mount small strip over the printed edge of your notepad (I thought it needed it). And you're all done. Take some time to embellish the front cover and you will have a quick gift!!

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Aphra Bolyer said...

These are amazing! What a great teacher gift. Might be making those for Christmas. Thanks!

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