My Latest Obsession: Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers of all kinds...I can't get enough then. And I don't want to buy them...I want to know how to make them. Then for days all I can think of is making them. I can't explain it...seriously I can't get the obsessive feelings to go away until I actually make them!!

One thing I've noticed are YO-YO flowers are back in "style" and I've seen them in magazines, clothing stores and all over the web!

On Heather Bailey's blog she had this darling flower...I love the yoyo, mixed with the felt. Must try this out!!

Here's a fun tutorial on Studio 5 that not only shows you how to make fun "rolled fabric flowers" but it also shows you the fun necklaces people are wearing made from fabric yo-yos!!

This fun necklace was on Anthropology's website...can we say YO-YO??

I love, love, love it when people combine all sorts of flowers to make hair pieces and necklaces. Check these out...

Cute ideas on this gal's ETSY shop...warning her stuff is so cute, I am not responsible for purchases you might make!!These are made by a gal in Logan and she sells them in her ETSY shop...

Now I thought I'd toss in some online tutorials if you are feeling the obsession to make fabric flowers like me as well.

Frayed Flower Tutorial:

Fabric Flower Tutorial:

This gal created an awesome PDF instructions of how to make these gorgeous flowers.
Okay enough to go make my flowers. I'll post some of my creations soon!!

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  1. I have the same problem! I am obsessed with fabric flowers at the moment. Have been making and experimenting, there is always something new around the corner! thanks for your ideas! {Anthropologie has some great ones!}
    Toni M.


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