Paper Flowers....yummmmmmm!

I love paper flowers...I don't know what it is...but then again I love flowers made from fabric too!! I guess I'm amazed at how beautiful they turn out and I "get" how much work and time goes into making some of these creations!! Below are some amazing pictures of 3-D flower arrangements from CHA trade show from a variety of vendors...sorry I have no idea who on some of them!
Please someone that went to the show tell me what booth this amazing coat was in and WHO created it. I'm assuming the whole thing is made from papers...right?? So awesome!! (Update: A friend told me this coat made from paper was at Tim Holtz booth at CHA.)

Teresa Collin's her style!

Teresa Collin's it!

The Girls' Paperie by Margie

I believe this was a donation to raise money at the World's Largest Crop held prior to CHA. But WOW...I would frame that for sure and hang it in my house!

Photo Credits: I believe all of these below were taken by Shopping Diva, to click to see more of her Flickr gallery from CHA (warning: there's more then 1600 photos to go through).


  1. I love all of these projects! do you know how to make paper flowers? I wanna learn!

  2. Do you go on a Favorite Finds Shopping Spree weekly? FUN!
    I would love to join you!
    Loved the Charms, the Fortune Cookies, the Tissue Paper Flowers, and of course, the Temple pic!


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