Resolutions? What's in store of 2010

Have you ever heard the saying..."Eat a Little Less....Move a Little More"? I've thought about this one quite a bit since the new year began. I'm not a big one on New Year's Resolutions, but lately I find my self apply that saying to the things I'd like to do this year to make improvements in my life. So here's a quick list of some things that seem to fill my thoughts often.

1. Blog a Little More....Feel Guilty about Not Blogging a Little Less
2. Read a Little More....Watch TV a Little Less
3. Sleep a Little More....Stay Up a Little Less
4. Go Out with My Hubby a Little More...Work a Little Less
5. Organize a Little More...Clutter up My Life a Little Less
6. Save a Little More...Spend a Little Less
7. Do Fun Outside Things a Little More...Watch TV a Little Less
8. Pack a Lunch a Little More....Eat Out a Little Less
9. Find Joy a Little More....Complain a Little Less
10. Scrapbook a Little More....Feel Guilty about Not Scrapbooking a Little Less

The other thing that seems to be rattling around in my head
is the fact that I spend so much time trying NOT to get personal on my blog that I find it keeps me from blogging. I originally started this blog to have a place to post my creations and sort of as an online portfolio...but let's be realistic. Scrapbooking and what I do is so intertwined with my personal life, my family and friend that how can I NOT blog about ME. So I believe I'm going to try and GET PERSONAL in 2010. I'm not going to share my deepest feelings and tell you every little thing my family does, but it's about time I stop worrying about what those who read and visit my blog might think and start just putting it out there. Eventually one day I'd like to make my blog into a book...and why not fill it with the things that matter most to me.

Thanks for reading!!

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