Memorial Day Musings

Did the tradition of Memorial Day skip a generation?

When I was growing up my mother use to send us off with my grandma and grandpa to visit and decorate the graves of family members that have past on. We traveled from what seemed like one end of the state to the other.

Why my mom wasn't with us, I have no idea.
And why in the world we thought it would be fun to go with my grandparents.
Or maybe I really didn't have a choice. I don't think it would be fun.

But my kids have never experienced the Memorial days of my childhood. The view it as just another great reason why they do not have to go to school and sit around driving me a little crazy.

In fact my that same mother who has decided not to pass on this grandparent-grandchild tradition has been cool enough to invite me to spend my Memorial Day going to see the yummy Jake Gyllenhaal in the Prince of Persia and go to lunch. Beats decorating graves I suppose.

Plus my cute Gram (still a very young 88 year old) once told me,
"Don't bring me flowers after I'm dead if you didn't bring them to me while I'm alive!"

So it looks like my mom will be getting some flowers today on this Memorial Day.

Really quick thought, I would like to say THANK YOU to all those men and women who have served in our Armed Forces and given their lives for our freedom. How blessed we are to live in this beautiful country and how thankful I am for those that serve...that have served. Thank you!


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