Monday Musings: Bedtime

Now that school is out I'm faced with a huge dilemma....what TIME is bedtime for the summer?? What should it be for me? What should it be for my kids?

When school was going on it was easy for me to be the responsible parent and send my kids to bed by 10:00pm each night...with Friday and Saturday nights typically later. My daughter now considers herself a mature 8th grader and my son a rockin' 9th grader (what they'll be when school starts again) and apparently 10:00pm is too early for them during the summer.

So what do you think their bedtime should be?

Now like most moms, typically my quiet time has always been after my kids and husband go to I can't get this little rug rats to leave me alone. I use to stay up very late, just because it was so quiet and nice. Now I'm tempted to go to bed early and let the kids do whatever they want.

I'm curious, what did you do when you were a jr. high kid out of school for the summer??

As for me, I've been staying up late this entire week working...working on work stuff, blog stuff, etc and  I haven't made it to bed at a good time in days. Which means I also don't get up early and get on the treadmill...then I feel like crap, I feel guilty and fat all because I stay up late! However, I've gotten tons of things done this week staying up late...laundry, work, blog and crafty stuff. Honestly, I think we should just cancel BEDTIMES!!
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