Crafty Trisha & Her Crafty Owl Costume

I haven't had a lot of time lately to create, but I sure appreciate it when I see people that do. In fact, my darling sis-in-law Trisha crafted this darling Owl Costume for Halloween. Since we were hangin' with her and her cute family in Seattle this past Halloween I got to see this cute creation in person.

As you can see Trish loves owls!! But what I love about this girl is that she create this whole costume and her son Russell's penguin costume from SCRATCH!! To be honest, I didn't know she even sewed that much, but what a crafty, talented girl she is (and we love and miss her tons...I say this because I know she's reading this).
For the life of me I cannot remember what Vincent was for Halloween, because many two year olds won't keep those darn costumes ON!! Love you Trish and love your crafty Owl Costume!

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  1. Oh, Thank You, Lori! That totally made my day. Thanks for letting me know you love my owl costume as much as I do. I spent over ten hours making that thing. I think I will be an owl for Halloween next year too. Vince was a dragon, he hated every minute of it too.


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