Introducing HurCraft Craft Tables

Made in Utah! These quality craft tables by Hurcraft are manufactured by a family owned company called Hurco Manufacturing & Design . The company owner's WIFE (in photo) wanted this professional cabinet maker to create her perfect craft table at an affordable price for her friends and family members. You're among the first to read about this great table! 

Similar in style to other high quality craft tables you've seen around the furnishing market, this table is less then half the price of those tables and the quality is exceptional.
There are couple things I love about the hurCraft quality craft tables are the following...

#1 Removable accessories - you can remove these, place similar brackets on a wall and interchange the accessories around as needed based on which project you're working on. You can have endless configurations of accessories and add as many as you want to your table too. There are tool boxes, shelves, paper towel racks, ribbon racks and my favorite the cup holder!

#2 Trash Cutout - All these shelves can be adjusted and in one in the floor model of this table they put a fun colored, soft bin (like those shown) in place of the big trash can...but check out the cut out in the top of the table. Super easy to brush off all your trash and scraps off into the trash bin. 

#3 On Wheels - My table has castors on it so I can push the table from one side of the room to the other to make the needed space when I'm working, love that!

NOTE: As of July 2012, Hurcraft is no longer in business. I'm sad to see a local business close it's doors. But I decided to leave the post up since the table is a great idea and someone might have a crafty person in their life that can build them a table as awesome as mine!!