Simple Frame Holiday Card Holder

I got this idea when I stopped by Teresa Collins home one day and she was showing me her Countdown to Christmas Tag holder that she would featuring when she introduced her 25 Days Countdown on her blog. Anyway, her friend Lara said she picked up the frame super cheap at Taipan, painted it black, attached eye hooks and ran wire back and forth through it. I LOVED it and couldn't wait to make one for myself. Every holiday season I end up hanging all my cards and photos I receive on the "wall" of all places and I don't really like it there. So I knew I would be whipping up my very own simple frame holiday card holder super quick before all my cards started arriving.

Here's what I did:

1. Took a trip to Taipan and rummaged through their clearance and/or scratch and dent frame area until I found a frame I liked that would fit in the spot I wanted it. Luckily I planned on painting it so the color of the frame the the picture in it didn't matter. I scored what use to be a $50+ framed piece of art of only $10 the day I stopped by...score!

2. I took some small eye hooks and screwed them in on both sides of the frame. I'd suggest measure it out and marking it. Another quick tip...I pounded a small nail in first to create the hole, which made screwing the eye hook in much easier. I eventually needed a pair of pliers to screw them in all the way....thanks to my chubby fingers.

3. Next I took some black craft wire and ran threaded in on eye hook twisting it in place and trimming off the excess and then stringing it across to the eye hook opposite and doing the same. 

Here's what it looks like when you have the wire in place. I actually added another wire about a 1/2" from the top of the frame after I put cards on it...that way there wasn't this weird open space at the top of the frame...but it's not show in this photo.

4. Take a can of black spray paint and paint your frame. Don't worry about getting paint on the frame and eye hooks...actually looks better if you do. Then hang it where you want and you're done. I had some small green clips I bought at Walmart  that I used to hook cards on...or you could just fold the cards over the wire, but that takes up a lot of space. 

Best part is I plan to put this in my craft room or leave in my living room and hang snap shots and other memorabilia on it and leave it up all year round. 
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Unknown said...

Love your frame it turned out beautiful, I really like the idea of using it year round, thanks for the how to!!

Sophia said...

Awesome idea...♥

JennyKozar said...

That looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Keersten said...

That is so clever, thanks!

Barb Craft said...

This is a great idea!! And so simple! Looks like a project I am going to have to take on after the Christmas decorations are all put away!!
Barb :)

Anonymous said...

very cool! -Sam :-)

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