Knee Replacement #3

Three knees might make you wonder, wouldn't it...since knees typically come in pairs. What I mean by three is that this is my third time over the past 2 years hanging at hospitals while my grandma or my mom have their knees replaced!

So today is my mom's second knee replacement...although my third time dealing with her knees and hospitals. She actually blew out her "other" knee a week after having her first knee operation and that was by far the worst experience of them all.

Why am I blogging about this? Well mainly because I am BORED waiting and second because I wanted to see if I could actually blog on my iPod Touch...thank heavens for wifi!


Unknown said...

I hope your mom heals quickly, my mother - inlaw has had both her knees replaced, and just recently her second replaced knee blew out in walmart. She is having a hard time with this.
My dad is also waiting on getting his knee replaced.
My thoughts and well wishes are with you and your mom.
Melissa D

Dana Day said...

I hope the surgery goes well. My Mom had both of her's done (after putting off the surgery for YEARS) and it is such an amazing thing but also takes a lot of time to recover. You're such a great daughter and grandaughter. :) Hey, I tried to contact your Hur Table girl. I was curious if they shipped those tables to TX and what it would cost. I have a perfect room for it (I would use it more for sewing and projects.) You know I am a horrible scrapbooker. But it would be a great thing. Do you know if they are still selling them? Dana...

Kim said...

I wish your mom a Speedy recovery!

Sophia said...

Hope she is on the mend soon...♥

Unknown said...

I hope your mother heals quickly!

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