Happy Mother's Day 2011

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Quick thoughts on being a mom...

this won't be profound by any means, I just felt I should say something about it being that it is Mother's day. 

Some days I love it....
   some days I don't. 

I'm forever grateful for being blessed to be a mom, but so often I forget to thank my Heavenly Father for the change to have this special privilege. 

First, my kids are "cooler then your kids" and they just simply ROCK! Yes, there are times that I've question if I was doing it all perfectly. But I'm not, I'm learning as I go and I think we're all doing okay for it. My kids are honest, kind and patient...not sure they got any of those from me, but I am very proud of them. 

My kids will of course KILL me for posting pictures of them on my blog...but hey, it's Mother's day and I get to do goofy things like that. 

Did I mention I had a pretty AWESOME mom myself...she was and is my best friend! I will tell you the best thing my mother ever taught me and I hope to pass on to my kids was, "that I could do anything I set my mind to." 

Fourth of July - about 2009
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Sophia said...

Hope you had an awesome Mother's day...♥

Queen Mary said...

I'm so happy you had a Happy Mother's Day! You so deserve it! And your 2 children are COOL! Especially that Christian, he ROCKS! Like Momma, like Son!

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