My Monday Mismatched Shoes

Best part of Monday's is they always end and Tuesday is just around the corner. 

But you know, some Monday's are just like this. No matter how much you think you have it all together, you later find out that you didn't. If fact, the Monday this happened to me I had a meeting with some really cool people that morning and had NO idea my shoes didn't match. They were the same style and felt the same and obviously I don't ever look down. 

It wasn't until a meeting a little later with a friend that she pointed out my mistake. I was beyond embarrassed. She was so nice and told me that it made me seem "more artistic." Whatever!

I just hoped and prayed that the people I met with earlier that day also didn't look down and notice my shoes. And they didn't...yeah. But then they admitted that the receptionist did notice and mentioned something about it. Let's hope she too thought I was being artistic. 

So the moral of the story...first, check your shoes to make sure they match before you leave for the day and two, it's okay to keep your head UP and not worry too much about what lies below!

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