What have I been up to? Two Words...


Yep, I've been getting ready for Girl's Camp and even though it's only a three day camp, the amount of planning and work that has gone into it is not any less. I'd stay and chat but I have a bazillion things to still finish up and only 5 hours to sleep and get up to go to camp. So here's a small glimpse into my life recently....

This is a shoe organizer, but I'm using it to put little gifts and job cards in for all the girls. I used my Cricut and vinyl to add their names to the pockets...can't wait to see it being used.

Last year the girls got water bottles from our stake, but not this year. So I decided to create my own. Thanks to All A Dollar, white vinyl and my Cricut machine I was able to personalize these cute bottles for each of the girls. I hope they like them!!

I cannot take credit for our camp flag. My daughter came up with the idea and all 21 of the girls helped make parts of it. Our theme is "Eternal Treasures" and so the things on our flag represent things the girls consider to be Eternal Treasures (the Temple, Scriptures, Family and themselves/mirror). The treasure chest rests on top of a big pile of gold and silver coins that the girls have stitched their names or initials on. 

Enjoy the journey right...
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  1. Awww . . . you're such a great mom, Lori! LOVE all the goodies you've prepared. Hope you enjoy your time there. I'm sure the girlees will. :)

  2. So cute Lori. With you over it I am sure there will be tons of fun little goodies for these girls. They are going to have a great time. All those little things will make them feel so special. Awesome.

  3. Lori, you are so creative. Those girls are going to feel so special when they see their names on the water bottles and the chore chart.


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