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Guest Designer Today on The Paper Life

Today I'm the guest designer on Amy Coon's Your Paper Life over at My Craft Channel
Get to see the personal and creative side of your favorite creative crafters. Join Amy Coon as she talks with them and creates with them live and on air. Your favorite crafters will be bringing a creative projects to do with Amy, while she gets a glimpse for you into their paperlives. Get ready for sharing, creating, inspiration, but above all fun that is YOUR PAPERLIFE.

In this episode I show you how to create a crepe paper flower from streamers. It's a simple technique and the end result is shown on the project below. 
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I'm sure many of you have wondered if I fell off the face of the planet....but that is not the case. I've been working on a very huge project the past few weeks that simply took away all my time to blog.  You might have seen me post about this, but have you heard of My Craft Channel? Well that's where you'll find me these days. I'm the Marketing Director, but on occasion I am asked to help out with our Featured Buy videos (like a daily deal). I'm also going to be the crafty guest designer on Amy Coon's Your Paper Life THIS sure to check it out (I'll link to it from my blog). 
Here's the first Featured Buy video I helped Kristine McKay film. Because I use to work for Imaginisce, I understand their tools the best so Kristine thought I could really help sell she had no idea what to do with the colored glue sticks. 

The i-bond is a cordless glue gun and the Featured Buy included the tool and two packages of glue sticks, one glitter co…

Use Your Social Media Power for Good - Not Evil

How often do we as bloggers and social media junkies use our power for good? And how often do we use it for bad? 
What I mean by that is...we go to a great restaurant and the food is yummy, the service is excellent -- so we use our social media power for good, to share what we like and information about this great new place to eat. Or we find a good deal on those great shoes, so we post it on our facebook wall. We see a great movie, so we share what we thought. That's all good, right? Never before, have we been able to use the power of social media as the ultimate "word of mouth." Blogs and facebook make that easier for us.
Now let's talk about using our social media power for evil. A lot of people choose to post a dislike for someone they me this never works out well. Some people choose to share their thoughts about work or a co-worker, and this too is not recommended. Even more common, you shop at a local store and the cashier is rude, won't help out…