My New Favorite App - RunPee

RunPee...because movies don't have a pause button! 

 A friend of mine showed me this new app, RunPee the other day after we finished watching a movie and I giggled all the way home. But honestly this comes in handy, even if you never leave a good flick to take a potty break. What the RunPee app does is tell you at what point in the movie would be a good time to get up and run to the restroom and how long you even goes into what you may miss. But my favorite part of the app is the fact it tells you if there's anything after the credits you need to stay for because nothing sucks more then watching all the credits and then nothing comes up at the end.
Oh the other feature I really like about RunPee is the for some of my friends that really need this, you can hit start and it will tell you when it's time to run and pee. What a relief huh??
Check out RunPee for both iPhone and Droid phones.

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Cynthia B. said…
I've just gotta say - this is hiLARIious! (And in my case - much needed, too -hehe!)
Melinda Spinks said…
Okay, I'm seriously worried about you! ;)
Love it!!! That is genius!!!
Court said…
ah-mazing. Not sure which is funnier, the app or the fact that you shared it on your blog. LOVE it!

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