Funny Reference about Pinterest

You all know I have a thing for Pinterest and when I heard the girls from Our Best Bites Blog speak and a local conference, Time Out for Women this past month, I loved that they talked about what Pinterest has done to women today. It is cute and still makes me giggle!

However, I don't believe that Pinterest makes me feel "under-average"? Maybe like I should decorate my house cuter, but not any less then me. Watch this and tell me if you feel "under-average" when you are on Pinterest??

By the way, if you haven't check out Our Best Bites Blog ...be sure to when you're NOT hungry! 


Colle said...

Lori, I was at that time out for women. I thought that was totally hilarious but pinterest doesn't make me feel under average either.

Liz said...

Thanks for sharing girl! I think feeling "under average" is your right and it should be okay to have unfolded laundry and mismatched dishes if you choose. This is America - right? Hugs - Liz

Unknown said...

I definitely don't feel under average! Luckily, I have time to create some of the things I "pin!" But it was funny.
I met you at the Pre IU event this past summer and took a CUTE countdown class from you. I enjoyed you then and am really enjoying you on My Craft Channel, now! Thanks for all the inspiration and I hope to see you again this summer! ;)

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