You Can Tell I'm a Crafter Because....

My husband pointed out the other day that we must have crafty people living at our house because of the boxes of crafty supplies, half painted projects and bags of supplies stashed here and there. It made me stop and start looking at my surroundings today and and thought "You can Tell I'm a Crafter Because...."

#1 - I have acrylic paint staining the 
counter and kitchen sink. 

#2 - I save egg cartons and cans for some 
future craft project to do with my cub scouts.

#3 - I save plastic containers and toilet paper rolls for 
possible show ideas for my Inspired by Pinterest show.
So I'm curious...
          look around your home and see if you can tell if you're a crafter!

Feel free to share what you find here by leaving a comment.


Michelle said...

I (and my little boy) save toilet paper/paper towel rolls, egg cartons and what not for things we can make.

Shelli said...

That's funny, Lori. I do the same thing! I save odd containers and lids; cleaned out buttermilk cartons; egg cartons; and paper towel rolls---just like you. Does this also make us hoarders? :)

Pammejo said...

Yep, I say Swiss Mocha and other coffee containers, any plastic container or box I think I can alter, I have a stack of cigar boxes, I think I am sick. Do you hear me sick... LOL but oh how I love to create.

Queen Mary said...

Yes, we are 3 sick little crafty chicks at our home, too who are driving their Honeeee crazy! He finds bags of toilet paper rolls, plastic spoons, plastic easter eggs, bags of balloons, empty cans of all types, empty boxes of all sizes, single pieces of glassware, etc. shall i go on! He can't even park in the garage and we have a 3 car garage. enough said! He calls us his Bag Ladies with bags that are full of crap, not scrap but crap! He did say, "in sickness or in health" and he interprets this as sick! :)

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