Favorite Finds: Polyvore & PicMonkey

Before Pinterest came along I use to save all my "Favorite Finds" for a week or so in my bookmarks folder and then go back, grab an image from the blog or website and post it to my own blog under my "Favorite Finds" so I could share them with my readers and save for a later reference.

But now with Pinterest I don't find the need to do that anymore. However, yesterday I came across a couple of website that I really couldn't resist actually blogging about and hope you find the information worthy of some of your "Favorite Finds."

Favorite Find #1 PicMonkey.com
This fun website called PicMonkey.com and is what a lot of people are using to create quotes with photos and post to Pinterest. It's a photo editing program and super simple to use. So for fun I created this "inspirational" quote that I totally made up and added to a photo of my daughter and her friend. My daughter really wanted me to post it to Pinterest to see if anyone else liked it...the quote is lame but totally fit the situation and my funny teenage daughter. There are a lot of great filters too!!

Favorite Find #2 Polyvore.com
If you've been on Pinterest at all, then you've seen those great style photos and I have always wondered who is creating them and HOW? Well it's the super cool website called Polyvore.com. I haven't actually had time to play with it more then a couple of minutes. But here's a great example I originally pinned on Pinterest!

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Tausha said...

I completely agree with you! I heart picmonkey! It's so much easier and faster than picnik. Now, they only need to get collage up and they will be absolutely fabulous! Missed seeing you at snap! Have a fantastic week my friend!!!

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