5/28: Favorite Pin-ups from Pinterest

Being that I'm completely addicted to Pinterest and spend a good chunk of time on there, I thought I would be appropriate if occasionally I featured a pin or two that caught my eye. My daughter and I turn to Pinterest regularly for great recipes too and I thought it would be fun to share what we learned about specific recipes.

Here's today's favorite Pin-ups from Pinterest:

Red Velvet Brownies
My daughter made these yesterday and they didn't even last 24 hours before the boys devoured them. She made these from this pin and created them from a box of Red Velvet cake mix. They were okay, but we didn't put the frosting on them and I think that would have really put them over the top. She did however add in some chocolate chips which really made them nice. So overall, thumbs up, but I would add some yummy cream cheese frosting.

Triangle Banner by Dear Lizzy
I have to say this one caught my eye and had me hopping over to the Dear Lizzy blog to check out how it was created. The step by step is very basic and made it look super easy. I for sure have to give this a try and hope you will too.

Baked Broccoli
Another great recipe my daughter found on Pinterest. We've made it a few times and believe me there is something about browned broccoli that makes it taste even better then normal. The Olive Oil and Parmesan Cheese might help too! However, the recipe calls for Lemon Zest and Juice and we tired that once...we did not like it. I'm not a sour sort of gal and thought it was way better to omit the lemon all together. Give it a try...you'll be hooked!!

Kaboo Bags
I recently got my hands on what has to be one of my favorite purses / bags to day, it's called a Kaboo bag. It has a special "tech pouch" made perfectly for my IPAD and it has more pockets then I know what to do with on the Riley style. They're pretty new and after visiting their website and Facebook I thought I'd go check out their Pinterest boards. They have some really fun style boards featuring their bags and many other great style trends. I thought it would be fun to now only show a great style board but also show of my darling new Riley Pearl Kaboo Bag.

Source: kaboobags.com via Lori on Pinterest

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Pam said...

Love you Pinterest segments they have inspired me to try things I would not have otherwise considered. I do love Pinterest but it is always fun to see what others have found and tried. I don't pin a million things because I love them I only pin things I actually plan on making or doing. I follow you on Pinterest and always look forward to what you decide to give a try! Thanks.

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